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Rihanna Empowers In ‘Towards The Sun,’ Big Sean, And More Singles This Week

Big Sean feat. Drake, “Blessings”

“Blessings” is a catchy track whose energetic background beats and quality lyrics make it a clear standout from the rest of Big Sean’s newest tracklist. Drake’s hook and Big Sean’s fast-paced rapping makes for a successful collaboration. The most noteworthy element of the song is Kanye West’s surprise verse that concludes the song.

Florence + The Machine, “What Kind of Man”

3 Stars

A haunting track from Florence and the Machine’s upcoming LP, this song is rich in tones. It is, however, reminiscent of almost every other Florence + The Machine ballad. Though calm at the advent of the track, the tone changes, and whispers shift to shouted lyrics. Apart from repetitive refrains, this song is well-written and emotionally enthralling.

Rihanna- “Towards the Sun”

3 Stars

Straight off the soundtrack for the DreamWorks’ Home, “Towards the Sun” is an empowering track that is heavy on percussion. Slightly eerie in sound, Rihanna is still energetic and fun. Especially impressive is Rihanna’s ability to deviate from her usually explicit content while still successfully producing a quality song.

Featured Image Courtesy of Def Jam Records

February 26, 2015