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TU/TD: Spring Break Is Here

 Thumbs Up

Final Push Is Almost Over – After 14 papers, three midterms, and an hour-long presentation, hell week right before Spring Break is almost over. And, wherever you are going, you’re that much closer to being there. Just a couple more early mornings, late nights, and enormous cups of coffee to get us through the rest of this insanity. And, if you’re really struggling, get the Director from the Chocolate Bar. Trust me. You’ll forget sleep was ever a thing.

Thumbs Down

Dream Team Leaving – We’ve heard the news: we’re distraught. Cruz, Melissa, and Kim are not going to be here much longer, serving as the valiant security guards for Walsh. Kim, in all of her sweet charm. Melissa, in all of her well-you-forgot-your-ID-so-better-bring-me-a-huge-turkey-dinner-before-I-let-you-in-to-this-damn-building attitude. Cruz. Just, Cruz. Things will never be the same again. We don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves. A send-off party will be happening in Walsh. Be there. But not if you’re a freshman. If you’re a freshman, please stay away.

Battery Life – We spend at least an hour of each of our waking days looking for outlets to charge our phones and laptops. It seems like every time we turn around we need to plug in somewhere else. The outlets in Bapst don’t work all the time. There are so few outlets in the Chocolate Bar, and those seats are always taken by the time we get there. There’s nothing worse than realizing our computer is about die, and you just have to finish this Canvas post, and you find ourselves scrambling around, desperately looking. When you can’t find it, and the computer dies, and your participation grade plummets, you have no one to blame but yourself. And whoever installed the outlets in Bapst.

Reckless Driving – Look, we’re going to cross the road. We are the pedestrians. We have the right of way, and you Mass-hole drivers think you can do whatever you want. Stop leaning on that horn so much and back off. Let me live my pretentious life where everything belongs to me. I have class and stuff. Gosh.

Work Over Break – We were looking forward to sleeping from Friday until Tuesday during Break, but we can’t do that anymore. Why, you might ask? Because we have mountains of work to do. It’s not even like we’ll do the work and then be free from work once we get back to campus. We’re going to do all the work, get back to campus, and have even more work to do. Sigh. This is the way it’s going to be. We just haven’t accepted it yet.

The Number of Thumbs Down – It’s a rough week for everyone. We tried digging around for some more positive things, but the well is dry. After break, we’ll be back with more positive energy. For now, sadness. Snow. Seasonal depression.

February 26, 2015

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