Exhibit Highlights Those Who Assisted Jews During The Holocaust

On Monday, the Library of Theology and Ministry opened an exhibit on those who saved Jews during the Holocaust called “Whoever Saves a Single Life.” It details the individual stories of men, women, and families who hid Jews in their houses, secured documentation for them, or used other means to save them. The exhibit is owned by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, which provides financial support to non-Jews who assisted Jews during the Holocaust, and preserves their legacy as part of Holocaust education.

Before the exhibit opened, Director of the center for Christian-Jewish learning James Bernauer said his students tend to underestimate the number of “righteous” people, those who risked their lives to save those of Jews.

Bernauer reminds viewers that Jews were never totally abandoned during the Holocaust. Though 6 million Jews were killed, over half a million survived the Holocaust in Europe with the help of underground organizations.

“They [Jews] were abandoned by governments, social structures, church hierarchies, but not ordinary men and women,” Bernauer said.

Featured Image by Arthur Bailin / Heights Editor

March 19, 2015