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TU/TD: Weekend Is Almost Here

Thumbs Up

The Weekend – Don’t think about it as just another Saturday and Sunday. Think about it as a two-day vacation. After this week, I think we all need a two-day vacation. A two-day vacation means our long lost friend will return: sleep. Oh, how we’ve missed you so. We cannot wait for you to come back, ol‘ buddy, because grades are tanking and we’re trying to look good for graduate school.

Innovative Apps – The App Store is just a mess these days. New content gets uploaded all the time, and it never seems to be anything all that interesting. It seems like we’ve gotten only Tinder knock-offs for the last couple of months. But, there are those silver lining apps that make a small search worth it. Oneminute is that kind of app. Every day, at a random time, a notification goes out to everyone that has Oneminute, and everyone has—wait for it—one minute to take a picture of whatever there is around them. Then all of those pictures get compiled from across the world, and you can see what that one minute looked like everywhere. How cool is that? Social media that is not too intrusive, not too personal, but the perfect mix of unity and individuality, and it’s set up in such a way that no matter how big it gets, a large chunk of users will miss that one minute, so things will take a long time before they get too overwhelming.


Thumbs Down

The Wind – We left our windows open. And we woke up as all of our posters were blowing around, and all of our picture frames were falling off our dresser. And walking around campus? It was getting colder, but now it’s frigid with this wind. Salt is blowing up in our faces and it’s just plain nasty walking between classes and feeling like we’re in some car wind tunnel.

Complaining About Constantly Changing Weather – We don’t know how often you read TU/TD, but we’re starting to feel like we’re talking about weather with every single issue. It’s not that we need to talk about new things—if that were true, we would need to go to a new school. Everything stays the same here—and by stay the same, we mean that everything is always different. Hot, cold, windy, snow, rainy, frigid, sweltering. Who knows what tomorrow could bring? There could be an earthquake, and we wouldn’t be all that surprised.

The Director – This is a drink on The Chocolate Bar menu. It is four shots of espresso over half-and-half. This is a major thumbs down to the fact that we might need this to keep functioning all day long senior year. Or a major thumbs down that anyone needs this at all.

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March 19, 2015

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