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Residents Of Boston To Have Say In Olympic Bid

Boston 2024 officials will sponsor a statewide referendum in an effort to draw public support for Boston’s Olympic bid, according to The Boston Globe. The decision came after the organizers were subjects of harsh criticism from Boston residents.

When the city originally announced they would submit a bid just over 50 percent of the public supported the decision. Now, only a third of the city supports the ballot. The organizers hope that allowing the public to have a voice in the decision to submit the bid will bring the public opinion back up. It also gives the committee more time to convince the public that the Games are not going to be a burden on taxpayers or add to the issues public transportation already has.

“All we ask is an opportunity to have a constructive dialogue with everybody in the Commonwealth … of how these Games, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, can benefit our community,’’ John F. Fish, the chief executive of Suffolk Construction and chairman of Boston 2024, told the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.

Featured Image by Drew Hoo / Heights Editor

March 25, 2015