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Muse, Blur, And The Darkness In Singles This Week

Muse, “Dead Inside”

3 Stars

“Dead Inside” can sound like a cross between the ’80s and N*SYNC, and at other times it sounds like U2 gone to the dark side. Yet the dark lyrics and Muse’s flair for the dramatic redeem the track, somewhat justifying the synthesizers, reverbed drums, and boy band vocal harmonies with climactic bursts of emotion.

Blur, “Lonesome Street”

This one might take two or three listens to catch, but it’s worth it when it does. The lyrics at the beginning feel a little childish, but at its best moments, the song is exploratory, psychedelic, and fun. Reminiscent of The Beatles with a modern, indie flair.

The Darkness, “Open Fire”

Essentially a reworking of flashy glam rock tropes (think Spinal Tap), “Open Fire” is difficult to take seriously. And while that may be the point of this sub-genre of alternative/rock, we may all be better off leaving this once vibrant phase of rock ’n’ roll in the past. Just go listen to Van Halen.

Featured Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

March 26, 2015