TU/TD: Last Week Of Classes Is Upon Us
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TU/TD: Last Week Of Classes Is Upon Us

 Thumbs Up

Reconnecting – As the semester comes to a close, and most of us are booking planes, trains, and cars to get back to where we came from, the long gestated text messages have started firing out to those from the homestead: “When are you going to be back? How have you been?” We meant to keep in better touch, but we got caught up in the madness of homework and Netflix binges and never got a chance to call and talk for hours. As the text messages start building, we suddenly remember all of the seemingly innocent and way too daring high school memories that we built with these people, all of whom went their separate ways. We start thinking about the new memories for this summer, and between waiting tables and living the cubicle life, we’ll actually be able to hang out with them in our own homes again, filling each other in on all of the new experiences that we’ve had. And when we come back for next semester, it will be tough once again to leave. But, for now, we’re only at the beginning of it all.


 Thumbs Down

Stephen A. Cancels – Monday is going to be an even bigger drag than we expected. Steven A. Smith, waist deep in NBA Playoffs, won’t be coming to talk at Boston College. We really do hope that he works out whatever he needs to work out in his schedule for next semester, because this event was one too many of us were looking forward to. And whatever you do, BC, don’t bring Skip Bayless into this.

Not Enough Outlets – You’d think that The Chocolate Bar, the prime stop for all of the million campus tours that have been happening over the last month, would be more accessible. Choosing a spot to sit and get work done becomes a strategic gamble—do I sit with my friend at the table they already have? Or do I join that other acquaintance I don’t know so well because he or she is sitting next to one of the four outlets that the Chocolate Bar has? Decisions, decisions.

Trapped Between Long And Short –  This freaking Boston weather, it’s sitting at a mild 40 degrees most of the time, sometimes working itself up to 60, and sometimes going down to a brisk 30. This leaves us trapped between the shorts and pants dilemma that plagues the rest of our day—guaranteed warmth? Guaranteed cool? Who knows anymore.

Peanut Butter – Mac was out of peanut butter for the last couple of hours, and this is just a prelude to finals week, the time when BC Dining thinks it’s a good idea to shut things down when starving, tired students are just trying to survive.


April 26, 2015
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