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Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Is Redundantly Romantic

Taylor Swift’s newest music video coming off her multi-platinum album 1989 is “Wildest Dreams,” a retro-inspired story whose accompanying lyrics detail the ever-tumultuous relationships we’ve come to expect from the predictable pop princess. And much like her redundant use of boy troubles and heartless cheaters as fodder for songwriting, it would seem as though Swift recycles elements of her music videos as well.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, “Wildest Dreams” is a romance novel-turned music video whose impeccable 1950s-era costume design and stunning camera work evokes an appetite for adventure in the Serengeti. Despite its indisputable high-quality visuals and evident aesthetic success, Swift’s newest video falls flat thanks to its lack of ingenuity and uncanny resemblance to virtually all of her other music videos to date.

From montages of lightning bolts to majestic footage of animals in motion, “Wildest Dreams” is as glamorous and captivating as the woman who sings the song. However, it is certainly something we have all seen before. Bearing a striking resemblance to the singer’s whimsical “Style” video, the new release features breathtaking shots of exotic African wildlife while Taylor dazzles in billowing ball gowns and flaunts in front of a green screen. Throw in an angry Taylor shouting at her lover du-jour, and you’ve got the template for every Taylor video in existence.

Unlike her “Style” video, “Wildest Dreams” actually boasts a structured storyline: Swift assumes the role of a tortured actress whose stunning Elizabeth Taylor looks and sheer bad luck land her in a love triangle with the handsome co-star (played by Scott Eastwood). In true Taylor fashion, clips of romantic rendez-vous and kisses in the rain flash in succession on the screen, along with the obligatory close-up image of a makeup-clad eye or two. After Swift’s character reminisces about each romantic encounter she shared with the hot-tempered movie hunk, these star-crossed lovers are ultimately separated by the complications of showbiz. How tragic.

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September 3, 2015