TU/TD: Second Week, Rough Week
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TU/TD: Second Week, Rough Week

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Four Day Week – Sometimes, it’s the only thing that you got going for you.

 Thumbs Down

The Guy Mixing Supplements at the Plex – There’s a time and a place for everything. Kitchens are for cooking. Beds are for sleeping. Classrooms are for learning. The Plex, all things considered, is for working out. What the Plex is not for is mixing three different containers of creatine powder, pre-workout caffeine stimulants, and whey protein shakes. Especially not in the open, where everyone can see you, as you make excessive eye contact with all people walking within 30 feet of you. You don’t need that stuff that badly. There’s no five-minute post-workout window you need to get it in, and even the post-24-hour-workout window for recovery is a myth. We get that you’re taking fitness seriously, and that you’re murdering your kidneys along the way. You know what kitchens are also good for? Exactly what you shouldn’t be doing in the Plex.

A Required Chapter, A Bad Purchase – We’re already at the time in class when we find out that the book we had to get—whether it was just $8, or all the way up to a $200—only has a couple pivotal chapters that we need to read. And that’s it. Then we’re done with it for the rest of the semester, just to try to resell it at the end of the semester for 75 percent less than we bought it for. It’s not that we’re looking to skip out of our reading. It’s just that we’re trying to understand if there’s an easier way we can get our reading done besides buying a whole book.

Losing Your ID – Because first football games and weekend nights move fast and you’re really not totally there, and it’s about time BC just went electronic with Student IDs just like they did with the Gold Pass. Hopefully in a better format though that works when we need it to, please.

Cheers to the Fans Cups in Mac – Like the claw game for college kids: these cups have a peel-off sticker on the side that tantalizes you with being able to win up to $250. With a week gone by and Father-Leahy-only-knows how many cups distributed to students, it would be interesting to see how much money has been doled out.

Humidity – Nice weather is fun but brutal weather like this destroys any chance of enjoying it. We’re not asking for winter, or even for fall. We’re just looking for something to take the edge off.

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September 9, 2015
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