No. 1 UConn Tops BC To Stay Undefeated

Looking to upset for a second consecutive year, Boston College field hockey took a trip south to take on the University of Connecticut. The Huskies, despite being a higher-seeded opponent, barely edged out the 2-1 victory. UConn boasts the NCAA’s top scorer Charlotte Veitner, while BC features Emily McCoy, who is 16th in the nation in assists.

Playing against a top-seeded, undefeated opponent proved to be difficult, as the Huskies dominated throughout the game. The Huskies accumulated 13 shots on goal, compared to the Eagles’ one shot on goal. The Eagles now fall to 4-2, while UConn improves to 6-0.

The Huskies put one on the scoreboard 10 minutes into the game with a nice tip-in by junior Anna Middendorf. Veitner and Sophie Bowden assisted on the goal from a penalty corner. Fighting an uphill battle, the Eagles kept it tight throughout the first quarter, ultimately scoring five minutes into the second half. Junior Romee Stiekema notched her first assist of the season with a spectacular pass to senior Kelcie Hromisin, who scored with a nice shot from just outside the arc. The resilience did not prove to be enough, as Veitner scored the Huskies’ second goal, which proved the difference in the game.

Goalkeeper Leah Settipane worked hard all afternoon, with an impressive seven saves for the game. Her resilience and determination encapsulated the Eagles’ field hockey team. At the beginning on the second half, Settipane saved three shots on target in a span of five minutes, with two shots on target coming off penalty corners.

At the beginning of the second half, junior Emily McCoy earned a yellow card that resulted in a five-minute temporary suspension for McCoy. McCoy, a serious offensive threat with a .238 shooting percentage, was desperately missed during her suspension. Playing a woman down proved to be fatiguing, as the Eagles gave up a second, game-clinching goal a mere 10 minutes after the suspension.

Despite falling to a 4-2 record, the Eagles now look forward to the next game against No. 3 Syracuse. The Eagles look to notch their fifth victory of the season back at Chestnut Hill. The BC Eagles field hockey team and first year head coach Kelly Doton definitely took a lot away from the game, understanding that they could compete with the first seed is a huge confidence booster and will undoubtedly positively influence the next game.

Featured Image by Daniella Fasciano / Heights Editor

September 13, 2015