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TU/TD: Clean Grass and Football Blowouts

Thumbs Up

Welles Crowther – With every passing anniversary, Sept. 11 can feel less and less of a momentous occasion. Not that the tragedy of those lost is any less enormous and the bravery of those trying to save lives is any less commendable, but that time has a way of blurring things, if it’s given enough room to work. We’re three days past the anniversary, but it’s not all that much. Go watch “The Man In The Red Bandanna” documentary video if you haven’t seen it. For sacrifice and courage beyond anything that we can possibly fathom, it’s the perfect time of year to raise our hats to this fallen BC alum, and all the others lost 14 years ago.

BC Ground’s Crew – It’s only two weeks through September, and the grass is turning brown again. This gives every Boston College class—save the newly-minted freshmen—a dutiful sigh, as the prospect of everything getting ripped up to be replaced in the spring is somehow already blossoming in our minds. This, and thinking the arbitrary thoughts we thought when we first visited—“wow, pretty”—is probably as far as our thoughts go toward the natural, growing parts of BC’s campus. And then, there are the workers, keeping everything maintained so that we don’t notice a difference. While we can complain about walking to and from buildings in the deafening heat, they actually have to be outside in it, working. And, when the grass does need to be ripped up in the spring to be replaced with wonderfully expensive new sod, they will be the ones to do it, and they’ll do it fast. The ground’s crew gets attention in the winter, when they work tirelessly to keep paths clear of snow and ice, but they should also get attention for the work that they do during these balmy summer days—they keep things around campus looking sharp, and that’s worth two thumbs way up.

 Thumbs Down

Mismatches – We look forward to Saturdays during the fall: tailgating, football games, post-game rallies, and then whatever else there is planned for the final true night of the weekend. But we go to see a football game, not a bloodbath. Did you know that the third and fourth quarter had to be shortened for the BC vs. Howard game by five minutes? We didn’t, because after a first quarter score of 41-0, we were heading for the gates, trying to figure out what else there is to do with newly found hours in the day.

The BC PLague Gets Ready to Attack – Can you feel it in the air? It’s almost here. The flu has nothing on the BC Plague, and surrendering to it is not an option. Take plenty of zinc and vitamin C, make sure to get those daily recommended seven hours of sleep, and try not to stress out too much about school. Once it corners you, there will be nothing you can do.

Featured Image by Daniella Fasciano / Heights Editor

September 13, 2015