Voices from the Dustbowl

‘What Is The Worst Superpower To Have?’

In this week’s edition of ‘Voices From The Dustbowl,’ we asked students what they thought was the worst superpower to have?

“Being able to tell the future…it takes out all of the joy and surprise of life.” — Mike Fitzpatrick, CSOM ’18


“If I could always read people’s minds, it would drive me insane.” — Ian Ritchie, CSOM ’19


“Shapeshifting, it’s a little creepy and sucks compared to the other ones.” — Sierra Tonnesen, CSOM ’19


“If only you could stop time, you would then have no one to enjoy it with.” — Elizabeth Knoll, MCAS ’19


Featured Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

September 16, 2015