Agape Latte Franchised, Expands To Other Universities
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Agape Latte Franchised, Expands To Other Universities

Agape Latte is no longer only a Boston College program. The Church of the 21st Century Center (C21) event that features stories of faith from individuals of all backgrounds, shared in a town hall-like setting, is now successfully expanding to 10 schools. In essence, Agape Latte has become a franchise, and the program is looking to continue facilitating discussions about faith for young people all across the country.

Out of Campus Ministry’s offerings, Agape Latte has been one of the most accessible programs to the average BC student. It provides a unique setting where those of non-Catholic backgrounds can enter the conversation on faith at BC. The program also offers substantive material on religious issues for Catholics. Agape Latte acts as an ideal middle ground to bring BC students together on important questions of spirituality, relationships, and faith.

For example, a 2014 talk had Mer Zovko, former assistant director for leadership development in the former Student Programs Office, and Paul Chebator, former dean of students, discuss the way they found each other, and how they managed to stay in love and married through life’s trials. Speakers addressing topics like this make Agape Latte Universally-accessible, and growth outside of Catholic universities is a pragmatic move for C21, as students at non-religious institutions often  lack outlets to have conversations about faith and religion.

Even C21 is unsure how far Agape Latte will grow, with international expansion now looking like a possibility, as well as an online database in which all of the speeches will be kept for anyone to access and watch.

C21 seems to be in control: branding for Agape Latte has been formalized and consistent, the message and purpose has been clear, and the energy behind the project is evident. If Agape Latte ever becomes a household name, BC students could take pride in knowing that it was his or her university that first ignited the conversation.

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September 23, 2015
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