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Music Guild To Feature BC Bands In First Annual Fall Concert

In an effort to expand opportunities for Boston College Bands, the Music Guild has added several events to their yearly calendar. Having only hosted two concerts annually for the past 10 years—the Fall Band Showcase in November and the Battle of the Bands Arts Council collaboration in the spring—the Guild has added more events after its recent concerts brought in more people than before, and the demand for more public showcases increased.

On Oct. 10, the Vanderslice Cabaret Room is expected to be abuzz with excitement in anticipation of the BC Music Guild’s first annual Fall Concert.

Music Guild Co-President Sean Seaver, MCAS ‘16, stressed the intimacy of the upcoming event, despite the large crowd that he predicts will flood both floors of the venue. “While performers are elevated on a stage, audience members can get right up close,” he said. “It’s a cool dichotomy between popularity and trying to make a close connection with the audience.”

The first-ever Fall Concert will feature some of BC’s brightest stars. If anyone is unfamiliar with the event’s featured groups, the Fall Concert will provide attendees with a taste of some of the unique sounds and musical styles across campus.

The Kelleher Sisters

Straight out of Canton, Mass., comes the captivating musical stylings of The Kellehers. Sisters Meghan Kelleher, LSOE ’16, and Katie Kelleher, CSOM ’18 blend their voices together to produce a confident sound and some sweet, perceptible twang. Having been immersed in music since birth thanks to their father’s analytical approach to enjoying the constant stream of classic rock that flooded their childhood home, Meghan and Katie’s mutual appreciation for music has continued into their college years. Encouraged by their parents to take guitar and piano lessons at a young age, the girls pair instrument-playing prowess with harmonized vocals when performing for an audience. Though The Kellehers have written their own songs, the two prefer playing inventive covers of hit tracks to better connect with the audience.

The Island

Dan Lyle, A&S ’16, is an R&B artist inspired by his mother’s love of Gospel. Lyle describes himself as “religiously invested in the music he likes.” Tackling a soft, conversational rap style, Lyle churns out one original song after another. His lyrics are predominantly internal musings relationships, and his sound is a calming and fluid kind that floats seamlessly from track to track. In his sophomore year, the Newark, N.J., native was named president of Chorduroy, BC’s only student-run record label. Under the stage name theisl∆nd, Lyle hopes to market his music to a broader audience—one that stretches beyond that problematic BC bubble.

Phenom V

Likened on more than one occasion to Drake by others and himself, Phenom V brings the best of confessional rap to the Heights. Emmanuel Laguerre, WCAS ’18, draws listeners in with his honest words drawn directly from life experiences. Producing tracks under the moniker Phenom V, Laguerre’s goal is to make meaningful music that resonates with his listeners. With Drake as his inspiration, Laguerre aspires to become one of the new faces of the Boston music scene. Laguerre’s passion and pride for his home city is made abundantly clear, especially in his most recent single “The World Is Yours.” Making appearances at open mic nights hosted by the Music Guild as well as the Break the Bubble music festival, Phenom V has clever and introspective lyrics that prioritize people over possessions. Stressing the importance of keeping family close and believing in oneself, the lyrics of each track identify Phenom V as a driving force in the pursuit of positive change.

Small Talk

Recently renovated in sound and style, the transformation of this band has quickly become the talk of the town. Previously categorizing itself under the vast umbrella of indie rock, Small Talk stepped outside of its comfort zone, trying out some highly produced tracks for their debut EP Us Kids in the spring. Despite the December 2014 departure of frontman Brian Seaver, the group has excelled in its exploratory venture into a decidedly psychedelic sound. Sean Seaver is the remaining half of the Seaver family frontmen, belting out the lyrics to the band’s single “Brothers” in a somber yet sweet tribute to Brian. Leading the band not only in vocals but in production experience as well, chiming tones and echoed vocals establish a mellow vibe carried throughout the atmospheric EP. Us Kids boasts “Retrogradient” as its upbeat opening track, then sinks into the smooth synth organs of “Song for Tulips.” Having played shows in various venues across the city, Small Talk has found a happy home both on the BC campus and outside the bubble—namely on the stage of Cambridge’s renown music club, The Middle East Downstairs.


By mixing together the many talents of it members—strong vocals, heart-pounding percussion, and some infectious fiddle—this BC-bred band is truly the ideal eight-man. Over the past few years, the octet has pumped its signature blend of pop-funk into impressive venues including the Modstock stage, Robsham Theater, and the dingy confines of the infamous Middle East Downstairs. Juice has taken Soundcloud by storm, boasting original tracks like “Pineapple Groove” and “How You Gonna Do Me Like That” on the popular song-sharing website. On their single “Gold”, Juice’s toe-tapping instrumentals merge with the sweet-sounding harmonies of vocalists Kamau Burton, MCAS ’17, and Ben Stevens, CSOM ’17. Throwing creative covers of songs that span all genres into their setlist, the versatile group often treats its audience to familiar tunes—all squeezed and pressed to deliver the adrenaline-stimulating style of Juice.  Fusing fast rap with poppy beats and slow, crooning vocals with high-energy drums, a mix of many genres seems to be Juice’s recipe for success.

William Bolton

BC boy wonder William Bolton, CSOM ‘16, has made a name for himself with an ear for a catchy tune and a few peculiarly-patterned button-up shirts. A Detroit native, Bolton entered the Boston music scene under the stage name Times New Roman. Since his arrival, Bolton has produced two original albums and a handful of professional music videos. His old-school fashion sense parallels the glory days of Motown with a modern, freestyle feel. ot one to slow down after his recent successful release of second studio album Love Supreme. Switching sporadically throughout his tracks from speak-singing to crooning catchy refrains, Bolton craftily combines music genres that average artists would be too timid to try for themselves. Among Bolton’s best are singles like “Passion” and the boppy “Let’s Stay Together.” With quality background beats and lyrics, he’s one of those artists who can throw an annoyingly generic “baby” and “girl” into every other line, and actually get away with it.

Featured Image by Alex Stanley / Heights Staff

October 7, 2015

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