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One Direction, DJ Snake, And “Kamikaze” In Singles This Week

One Direction, “Perfect”

Even though “Perfect” is completely devoid of originality and full of banality, the latest single from premier boy band One Direction still manages to be somewhat enjoyable to listen to. From the band’s upcoming fifth album, Made in the Am, the track comes with no surprises and employs the band’s ever-popular mix of soaring vocals and foundational sugary pop. The track is upbeat. The lyrics are sentimental. Basically, it’s sure to make female fans swoon when Harry Styles belts, “Baby, you’re perfect.”


DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine, “Middle”

On his latest track, “Middle,” DJ Snake veers slightly from his signature house trap style, with the help on vocals by the fantastic young talent Bipolar Sunshine.The track is certainly different from DJ Snake’s usual repertoire, and sounds more akin to something by Kygo. The song’s slow, catchy tune and well-orchestrated vocal chops make for an addicting, exciting new sound from the ever-entertaining Frenchman.

MO, “Kamikaze”

Although it is no “Lean On,” the Danish singer’s latest collaboration with popular producer Diplo, “Kamikaze” is certainly a fun, bouncy track. MO’s distinct vocals are not especially soothing, but they blend perfectly with the song’s bubbly, energetic beats. The Danish artist’s usual alternative flair is lacking, however, as the track deviates from her realm of electro pop and more into Diplo’s influence. The new single, while enjoyable to many new listeners, is most likely to disappoint the older fans.

October 21, 2015