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Sia, Justin Bieber, And Lower Than Atlantis This Week In Singles

Justin Bieber, “Love Yourself” 

After years of bubblegum pop and obvious immaturity spewing from the Biebs, the odds of him producing anything worthwhile seemed bleak. But, as hard as it is to admit, Bieber’s latest single, “Love Yourself,” defies those odds. “Love Yourself” really is the anti-Bieber: it has bitter, thoughtful lyrics instead of generic, love drunk ones. It’s simplistic instead of overproduced. By the looks of it, Bieber is well on his way to reclaiming his image.


Lower Than Atlantis, “The Reason”

3 Stars

If you were searching for Hoobastank’s The Reason on YouTube (though I’m not sure why you would) and accidentally clicked on this song instead, your early-2000s pop rock sensibilities would probably be pleased. Complete with unexciting rhythm guitar and a chorus that shows up a few too many times, LTA’s newest single contributes the same vanilla flavor to the oversaturated pop rock market, but it still might get stuck in your head.

Sia, “Bird Set Free”

After her grippingly bizarre performance of “Bird Set Free” recently on SNL, there’s once again an immense talent and authenticity behind Sia’s out-there public image. As she channels the empowering darkness that epitomized “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart,” Sia tells the world that maintaining both quality and popularity is possible even in the pop music industry. “Bird Set Free” soars triumphantly, an anthem designed to be blasted through car speakers on a cold New England night.

Featured Image By Inertia Records

November 18, 2015