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BCPD and Campus Rec Join Together in Charitable Effort

BCPD and Boston College Recreation have teamed up to contribute to the national organization Toys for Tots, which collects and distributes toys to needy children for Christmas. Last year, the organization raised over $284 million worth of toys. This is the first time the two campus groups have joined together to support this worthy cause. Donations have been, and will continue to be, collected in the lobby of the Plex. BCPD is also going around campus and collecting toys if someone is unable to deliver them to the Plex. The toys collected will be given to children in the Greater Boston area, and the drive will continue until Dec. 17.

These kinds of charitable endeavours are good examples of what members of the BC community can do. Two campus organizations, completely separate in function, joining together to raise money for a charity exemplifies the kind of charitable spirit that a Jesuit education is meant to foster. The people who give their time, effort, and resources to Toys for Tots deserve to be commended for helping to start, and build, this impressive charitable effort.

Pooling the influence and resources of BCPD and BCRec is an example of originality in an attempt to serve. This collaboration serves as an example for other campus organizations interested in pursuing a charitable cause.

By joining with other forces on campus, more work can be accomplished and the somewhat complicated logistics behind any large operation can be better dealt with. Removing some of these difficulties and being more efficient allows the maximum amount of time and effort to go directly to helping the cause itself, toys for tots.

BC students should strive to contribute to causes such as this, encouraging these kinds of projects by supporting them. By giving our support whenever we can, we are able to foster increased service on this campus and inspire further charitable opportunities in the future.

Featured Image by Graham Beck

December 9, 2015