TU/TD: The North End and Surreal All-Nighters

Thumbs Up

No More Classes – Some people say college is about learning, about the enrichment of the human soul through rigorous and consistent academic excellence. They say that every day we push boundaries and expand our horizons toward the beautiful and elusive throne of true and never-ending knowledge. But that’s kind of hard and stuff. Now that classes are over and finals will soon be done, you can sleep for 17 hours straight and eat boxes of grease-soaked chips and candy while staring dull-eyed at an unplugged television. We did it, guys!

The North End – Possibly the most recognizable neighborhood in Boston, and also one of the most worthwhile visits for a BC student. Take the Green Line to Haymarket and take a walk down those absurdly narrow streets. Grab a cannoli at Mike’s Pastry, get some lunch at Strega or Nico, smoke a cigar and point at people—you can do it all in the North End.

Christmas Music – If you don’t like Christmas music, you’re stupid and wrong. There’s one month a year when we’re all allowed to listen to some of the greatest and most spirited songs of all time. Listening to some of the best singers of the past century—Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole, to name two of the greatest—we can all rise above our miseries and appreciate the spirit of holiday joy.

 Thumbs Down

Realizing you are not Going to Make the Deadline – You’ve had four papers due this week. You’ve known about them for almost three weeks now and have been slowly, but steadily working your way through. First you knocked out the English paper, then you plowed your way through 20 pages of poli sci, then you made some strides in sociology. But now there’s one left and you only have one day to write it. You could stay up all night, but you know you’re going to get a mediocre grade. And now, you’re just huddled in the corner weeping like a small child into the sleeve of your hooded sweatshirt as you realize that you’ve failed.

All-nighters – Around seven in the morning, when you see the sun in the sky and taste the bright morning air, you realize that you’ve made a terrible mistake.  It’s been all night. The days should never be organized like this, like one never-ending stretch of consciousness. There has to be a break, or any semblance of sanity falls apart. For no apparent reason, you suddenly notice the remarkable resemblance between the human and the armadillo. As you wander around campus with zero hours of rest it all seems like a bizarre, surreal nightmare and there’s nothing left to comfort you but your regrets.

Featured Image by The Associated Press

December 9, 2015

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