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Coldplay, Foxes, And Pope Francis In Singles This Week



3 Stars

A single from Coldplay’s newest album, A Head Full of Dreams, the somber and contemplative “Everglow” feels like a hybrid of the airy, sentimental Coldplay of old and the upbeat Coldplay seen in more recent songs like “Paradise.” Though this track features a piano riff so remarkably ordinary it could have been heard on an elevator, Chris Martin’s trademark ethereal vocals redeem the song and make it worth listening to.


“If You Leave Me Now”

3 Stars

Foxes appears to be capitalizing on the powerful, vocal-centric love song trend that has saturated the pop music market lately to create a song as anthemic as Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and as dark as Adele’s “Hello.” Comparisons aside, this track offers nothing truly unique, but rather relies heavily on its catchy chorus and well-placed, soaring violins to make a statement.

Pope Francis

“Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!”

It is difficult to describe the mood of Francis’ single “Wake Up!” as dramatic, yet soft rock rings underneath Francis’ inspirational words. As Francis’ speech ends, the song transitions into an up-tempo rock anthem sung in Italian (not by the Catholic pope, unfortunately). This track is intriguing simply because it exists—it’s certainly worth checking out.

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December 10, 2015