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Justin Bieber, The 1975, and DOROTHY in Singles This Week

Missile – DOROTHY

DOROTHY had a quiet 2015—at least, compared to its rapid rise in 2014 from being nobodies to #14 on Rolling Stone’s Best New Artists. After its single, “Raise Hell,” and a self-titled EP dropped in the fall, DOROTHY’s new track “Missile” is perfectly timed to revitalize interest and promote its first full-length album. The trademark gritty, bluesy sound of the band radiates throughout the single, along with singer Dorothy Martin’s powerhouse vocals. The song sounds like a Tarantino western and a White Stripes garage performance somehow combined—hopefully a sign of a great album to come.

The Sound – The 1975

After months of seeing this song circulate in videos from live shows across the world, The 1975 has finally delivered a produced version. The typically angsty group takes a break from its sulky, slow sound to deliver a bubbly, electro-pop anthem. Featuring the vocals of a children’s choir and pulsing synth beats, “The Sound” is the last thing anyone would’ve expected from the indie band, while lead singer Matty Healy maintains his typical emotional, conversational lyrics. This surprising track is the perfect January release, lifting fans from The 1975’s winter slump.

I’ll Be There – Justin Bieber

3 Stars

Bieber’s mysterious new track was released solely on his official Vevo page, with little to no promotion preceding the release. Now removed from the site on “copyright grounds,” the single mimics Bieber’s 2015 smash album, Purpose, filled with EDM synth (owed to Purpose co-producer Skrillex) and influences from modern R&B. Bieber even steps out of his conventional wheelhouse on “I’ll Be There” to perform his own rap-filled bridge, a job generally reserved for outside hire. Was this track leaked or an intentional release? No one knows. All we know is that “I’ll Be There” lives up to the “Bieber-fever” hype.

Featured Image By Interscope Records

January 20, 2016