Future Looks Bright for Eagles Against Vermont
Women's Hockey

Future Looks Bright for Eagles Against Vermont

As the regular season nears its end and Boston College women’s hockey prepares to enter tournament time, it’s hard not to think about how the year will end—especially after BC’s last run, which ended with the team collapsing in the Beanpot, Hockey East, and NCAA tournaments. Will the Eagles (25-0-0, 17-0-0 Hockey East) have their hot winning streak run ice cold once more, or will they finally hold up some hardware? These questions are important, but there’s another important question, too: what will BC do next year? With superstars like Alex Carpenter and Haley Skarupa graduating in the spring, the Eagles will surely be lacking in the win department come next season. Or will they?

BC answered that question Friday night as it defeated the University of Vermont, 6-2. The Eagles saw several plays come from the sticks of their non-seniors, culminating in the victory against the Catamounts (6-18-2, 4-10-2).

The first period proved entertaining for attendees in a rare night game for the women’s team, as UVM put up an aggressive front against the Eagles, who were unusually slow to start. BC went toe-to-toe with the Catamounts for the first half of the period, both teams streaking toward the other’s goal. UVM looked threatening on the ice, at one point outshooting BC 3-1.

“Coming off a game like Harvard, it’s kinda tough to get yourself going after a game like that,” head coach Katie Crowley said. “I thought the first period for sure was a little bit flat.”

Eventually, the Eagles evened up the shot count, and Makenna Newkirk snuck the puck past Madison Litchfield. While the women began their lead at home, BC men’s hockey scored at the same time, en route to an 8-0 win over UMass, giving head coach Jerry York his 1,000th career victory.

Immediately after the goal, BC amped up its energy, swarming the net to earn another one. The shot count diverted in favor of the Eagles after the goal, with BC dominating the Catamounts’ side of the ice for 12 shots while Vermont notched one more for five.

Toni Ann Miano opened up the second period with a goal, launching the puck past Litchfield from the blue line. While several Eagles and Catamounts flocked to the goal, Miano’s shot found its way through the traffic to earn BC its second goal of the night.

After a shot by another Eagle that didn’t quite make it in the goal, Dana Trivigno tipped it in, further expanding the lead. The play went under review, however, sending the cheering crowd into silence. The referee’s outstretched arms that indicated the goal was not valid garnered boos from many of the disgruntled fans.

The missed opportunity lit a fire under BC, making the team want another goal even more. Alex Carpenter almost earned her first goal of the game when she sent the puck flying to the goal, but it clanged off the right pipe. Later during a power play, Andie Anastos earned her 10th goal of the season.

The Catamounts managed to put one past the Eagles when a shot went over Burt’s head and landed past the goal line. A goalless effort for Vermont would have meant a three-game shutout streak for Burt, as well as her 10th shutout of the season. For a majority of the game, Burt faced the shots with ease. During the first period, she stood stock-still while a puck hurtled toward her and caught it without flinching or having to crouch down in case of a rebounded shot.

Twenty-one seconds into the third period, BC took revenge on Vermont’s goal. After a pass from offensive counterpart Haley Skarupa, Carpenter launched the puck into the net, which ricocheted off the pipe and and sent it to its final resting place on the goal line.

Barely minutes after Carpenter’s goal, Trivigno received her recompense for the goal that was taken away. While BC’s forwards drew Litchfield off the line, Trivigno shot laterally toward the left pipe, giving the goalie no chance to save the puck.

The Catamounts answered back immediately, as Saana Valkama sent Burt struggling to stay on her feet while she tried to keep the puck out.

To make sure the game wasn’t close, Carpenter added another one to the scoreboard, taking the puck from far out and launching it at Litchfield, who was just an inch too far to the right to block it. Puck met net for the sixth time of the night, and the Eagles were guaranteed a high-scoring victory.

Despite the two goals from Carpenter toward the end, the game was dominated by BC’s fresher faces. Half of the Eagles’ goals came from a freshman, a sophomore, and a junior, proving that next year’s offense should work just as well. Burt, too, is only a sophomore, so it’s likely that the youth on this team will bring the the Eagles to similar glory. After the showing against Vermont, it’s easy to see that BC will be in good hands.

Featured Image by Lizzy Barrett / Heights Staff


January 23, 2016
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