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BC Advising Joins Career Center to Hold “Professors, Pastries, and Professions”

Boston College’s Academic Advising Center and the Career Center have teamed up to create a new event series titled “Professors, Pastries, and Professions.” The first event will be held on Feb. 3 at 3:30 p.m. in Stokes 140S, the lounge space across from the Academic Advising Center.

Previously known as “Professors and Pastries,” this event series has been relaunched with the help of the BC Career Center, whose advisers it will now include along with professors.

“It is a chance to bring students, professors, and advisers together informally,” Director of Advising Rory Browne said.

“It brings students, professors, and advisers closer together.”

-Rory Browne, Director of Advising


The goal of these events is for students to meet with professors outside of the classroom setting in order to have casual conversation. The advisors from the Career Center will also talk to students about summer internships, as well as future job opportunities.

“It was conceived when we first opened the Academic Advising Center in 2006,” Browne said. “It has two purposes. First, it brings students, professors, and advisers closer together.”

Browne realizes that students often have a hesitation to see professors in their office hours. These events can ease students into becoming more comfortable with their professors and advisers in a more relaxed setting. It is meant to encourage students to seek out faculty.

“Second, it will provide students with information about offerings, both curricular and extracurricular, here at BC,” Browne said. “BC has a lot of resources, interesting classes, majors, and minors.”

BC Advising has noticed that students often get stuck in a routine which can be tough to break. Browne’s hope is that these events will get students out of their comfort zones and will provide them with useful information and potential new opportunities.

Each event has a central theme, like how to succeed in business with a liberal arts degree, summer opportunities, and studying abroad.

“There has been an increasing emphasis on providing students advice,” Browne said. He thinks that this event series will fulfill that goal.

While the first event will be held on Wednesday, the following two “Professors, Pastries, and Professions” are also planned for February. These events will cover fellowships and grants as well as interdisciplinary minors. Students can check the Advising Center’s website to find out the dates and times for future events.

“It is designed to be informal. It is meant to be a relaxing time for both professors and students,” Browne said. “You can come in just for five minutes. Come if you just like the pastries. There are some students who come every week who enjoy the ambiance and refreshments.”

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January 31, 2016

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