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Upcoming: Advising Events for Students Interested in Business, Law

This week, the Academic Advising Center is hosting two events as a part of its “Conversations with…” series. The series provides a forum for faculty and advisors to informally cover topics concerning student academics.

Previously, the program has discussed how to pick a major, how to use the Career Center, and how to minor in another school. The two events this week are designed for students in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences who are interested in pursuing an academic or career track in business or law. In the future, there will be more events in the “Conversations with…” series, including programs that center on the Lynch School of Education and the Graduate School of Social Work.

“The Career Center will help students identify their skills, aptitudes, and interests.”

-Rory Browne, director of advising

The first event, “Conversations with CSOM,” will be led by Ethan Sullivan, assistant dean and director of the CSOM Honors Program, on Feb. 9 at 3 p.m. Sullivan will discuss potential business careers available to MCAS students as well as opportunities for them in the business school. Students in MCAS can minor in two disciplines in CSOM and take part in the Summer Management Catalyst Program, an intensive 10-week course designed to teach the integral areas of management to non-business school students.

“The purpose of the event is to give A&S students a sense of what is available to them, in terms of future careers and how they can prepare here for future careers,”  Rory Browne, director of advising, said.

This event will also be held in partnership with the Career Center. Advisers will speak to students about looking for jobs and internships over the summer to help foster a career in business.

“The Career Center will help students identify their skills, aptitudes, and interests,” Browne said.

The program will stress that even the most traditional MCAS major can lead to a job in the business world.

The second event is “Conversations with Law Faculty and Professors,” which caters to MCAS students who have an interest in the pre-law track or attending law school after graduation. This information session will be held on Feb. 11 at 3 p.m.

Amy Brunswick, the new pre-law advisor at the Career Center, will help lead the discussion. Richard Powers, a business law professor at BC, will also be included in the event. Graduate law students will be available to answer questions.

“There may be a perceived gap between the schools at BC,” Browne said. “Many A&S undergraduates may not be aware of opportunities through these other schools. These events are a way to bring faculty and advisors together to provide these opportunities to students.”

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February 7, 2016