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Get Chilly: Record Low Temperatures Rock the New England Area

Though snow has not been the focus this Valentine’s Day, Boston broke its record for the coldest Feb. 14 with temperatures of minus 9 degrees Fahrenheit at 7:31 a.m., and a windchill of minus 36 degrees, according to The Boston Globe. In some areas of the state, the weather dropped to minus 40 degrees or below.

The National Weather Service released instructions and safety protocols to maintain safety in the cold weather, noting that such temperatures can bring about frostbite within 10 minutes of exposure. It suggests that people dress in multiple light layers, and breathe through scarves when outside.

Similarly, Boston College Emergency Management has posted on its Facebook page to remind students to dress for the weather and the dangers of frostbite and hypothermia. The organization posted infographics educating and warning students about wind chill conditions.

“A sprinkler head in the lobby of Conte Forum froze, causing minor water damage,” University Spokesman Jack Dunn said about the effects of the temperature on BC. Dunn said that there were no other weather-related reports on campus.

The water damage occured midway through the BC men’s basketball game against Syracuse, so fan entrances into the arena were not affected by the incident. BC Athletics posted messages on the video boards towards the end of the game alerting all fans to avoid the Beacon St. lobby on their way out of the stadium.

In the coming days, however, temperatures in Chestnut Hill are supposed to rise to over 50 degrees. While rain is in the forecast, snow is not expected until Monday.

This comes after severe winter storms last February, when snow piled up to over 110 inches. Last year’s storms set records for snowfall in Boston and cancelled classes for BC students on four separate occasions. BC has not had a snow day this year.

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February 14, 2016