Mason Jars and the Lost Hours

Thumbs Up

Cancellations – Whether it be a class, practice, meetings, or any of the number of things you do in order to maintain your high-achieving rollercoaster of a life, it’s always a fantastic relief to have something be cancelled. Your day looks free again, unrestrained. The possibilities are endless. Maybe you’ll take a nap, or eat ground chuck for hours, or stock up on canned goods. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re not doing your scheduled junk.

Sebastian Bonaiuto – He’s been director of bands here at Boston College since 1989. He conducts both the University Wind Ensemble of Boston College and BC bOp! When the world’s getting you down and all you want to do is gaze out a nearby window and deliver long, cryptic soliloquies about horses, remember that there’s still music in this world thanks to the efforts of Sebastian Bonaiuto.

Mason Jars – They may be tools of the hipsters, but there’s something undeniably enjoyable about drinking out of a mason jar. It reminds us of the decade we spent living on an Appalachian mountaintop with nothing but our loyal dog and our deluxe coffee brewer.

Thumbs Down

Not Paying Attention – You’re sitting in class watching that cruel minute hand circle slowly toward that 50 minute mark. It’ll all be over soon. Within a minute you’ll be out the door and back in your room, where you can eat bagels and watch re-runs of The Leftovers until you fall asleep. But then you hear your name. The voice of the professor, vindictive and mocking, asks you to explain the point she just made. Stammering, choking on your words, your face turning red, you begin kicking your legs in the air and shaking your head rapidly. “Nuggets,” you scream. “Nuggets and bacon.” You look around and see the rest of the class staring back at you, expressions of either malevolent amusement or pity across their faces. “Well,” the professor says. “I was looking for something a little more … eruditically persuasious, if you know what I mean.” You hang your head in shame.

Lost Hours- When you turned your computer on all you wanted to do was touch up that essay, maybe get some work started on next week’s discussion questions. Then you saw that the newest season of Funny Monkeys Throwing Stuff at People  was on Netflix. Now 10 hours have passed, you’ve grown a small beard, your eyes are red and your leg muscles are in the first stages of atrophy. How could this have happened? Where did the time go? You try to get up from your chair, but fall to the ground. Crawling across the floor, you mourn your lost hours.

Featured Image by Francisco Ruela / Heights Staff

February 21, 2016