The Student’s Guide to Housing: The Mods

The Mods, located at 100 St. Thomas More Rd., are made up of 76 six-man apartments, each including a private living room, dining area, full kitchen, and backyard with a grill. While “B” mods are rumored to have basements, and “A” mods attics, the doors are locked to prevent student access. Two people reside in each bedroom—however, there is only one desk because of limited space. It is also important to note that the bathrooms are split—the second floor has one full bathroom, and the first floor has a half bathroom (toilet and sink). Last but not least, the lighting is pretty dim, so be prepared to bring in extra lamps.

Despite these quirks, the Mods, which were originally temporary on-campus housing, have endured to become some of the most sought-after housing on campus. Situated smack in the middle of Corcoran Commons, the Plex, and O’Neill Library, this housing location is a BC student’s dream come true. Furthermore, students have the luxury of a backyard when the weather is nice and instantaneous access to the senior tailgating scene during football season.

As one might guess, the Mods fill up quickly during housing registration, so if you do not have an early pick time on Feb. 29, for six-person apartments, you need a backup plan. Additionally, if you are an underclassman hoping to occupy a Mod in the future, make sure you do not get caught in the Mods on game days because if you do, your Mod privileges will be revoked.

Catherine Larrabee, MCAS ’16, says living in the Mods in “genuinely awesome.”

“There are definitely some drawbacks—no dishwasher, no garbage disposal, and the general falling-apart quality of the place, to name a few,” she said. “But these are completely outweighed by the fun of Mod life. It’s such a blast to live in a little house with all my friends, conveniently located right on campus. It’s been so nice out this year, and we’ve definitely made use of our backyard. I haven’t found storage space to be an issue at all.”

“If you like fun, you should live in the Mods,” Allie Landes, CSON ’16, said. “If you like cleanliness and space for your things, you maybe shouldn’t. Just kidding!”

Putting a full bathroom upstairs and a half bathroom and separate shower downstairs shows that the contractors were fully aware that six people would be living in a small space. While the Mods may have the homiest feel of all the dorms on campus, things may get a little too close for comfort at times. Every square inch of Mod space serves a function, from desks used as extra storage space to closets repurposed into showers.

Both Larrabee and Landes describe the Mods as a social community because everyone lives in such close proximity to one another. They emphasize, however, that it is just an enjoyable place to live during the day as it is to party at night. After all, residents essentially occupy private homes in the middle of the hustle and bustle of BC’s campus.

Featured Image by Julia Hopkins / Heights Editor

February 21, 2016