Lumineers, Jake Bugg, and Simple Plan In Singles This Week
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Lumineers, Jake Bugg, and Simple Plan In Singles This Week

Jake Bugg, “On My One” from upcoming third album

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The music of English rocker Jake Bugg has always felt like a throwback, and “On My One” is no different. In a very Johnny Cash-like track, Bugg delivers weathered lyrics about loneliness and broken dreams that might feel more authentic if they weren’t coming from a 21-year-old. If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill acoustic blues tune, this one’s for you.


Lumineers, “Ophelia” from Cleopatra

The Lumineers deliver in the lead single from their much-anticipated sophomore album, Cleopatra. It seem to feel no need to break the trend of simple, catchy repetition that has come to define the modern pop-folk scene as they weave feel-good lyrics about young love into a song that will most certainly be stuck in the head of anyone who listens.


Simple Plan, “Opinion Overload” from Taking One for the Team

No one ever said, “We NEED more Simple Plan music.” But alas, the band that was never quite The Offspring or Blink-182 has released this track from its fifth studio album Taking One for the Team. It’s a typical pop-punk song about being rebellious and not caring about others’ opinions—but that’s a tired shtick, seeing as the band members are in their 30s and their fans aren’t 14 anymore.


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February 24, 2016
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