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Wire, War on Drugs, and Whitney in Singles This Week

Wire, “Internal Exile” from Nocturnal Koreans

3 Stars

A preeminent example of artful post-punk and a driving new single from its upcoming album Nocturnal Koreans, Wire’s “Internal Exile” is influenced by bands like R.E.M. with its punchy, guitar based tunes. While the band gained most of its critical acclaim from the early 80s, Wire proves that it still holds relevance in today’s music scene.

War on Drugs, “Touch of Grey” (Cover)

3.5 stars

“Touch of Grey” may be one of the Dead’s best-known and most recognizable songs. This cover version stays close to the original with some added modern flourishes. The guitar is clearly reverbed out and plays well with intermittent synth textures. The brightness and optimism of the song remains intact and youthful.

Whitney, “Golden Days”

3.5 stars

Formed from the ashes of a popular lo-fi act, Whitney was started by Smith Western’s former lead guitar player. “Golden Days” is a soulful nod towards classic twang rock a la Big Star or even Gram Parsons. The song stays light and carefree, but also manages to be ambitious with a harmonica and orchestral segment. Compared to Smith Western’s earliest releases, “Golden Days” offers a more mature outlook on songwriting.


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March 30, 2016

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