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With 90-Second Pizzas, Oath Craft Pizza Take Chestnut Hill Square by Storm

In the trendy world of Chestnut Hill Square, which houses everything from Paper Source to Soul Cycle, there is a new destination perfect for foodies and pizza fanatics.

Oath Craft Pizza, which opened March 18, offers the Chestnut Hill community artisanal pizzas prepared at an almost-unbelievable speed of 90 seconds—a feat that showcases a delicate balance between a rapid demand and an attention to detail that is difficult to accomplish in the modern world.

But this business did not grow overnight—it was carefully honed and developed by co-founders Doug Ferriman and Max Seel over the past couple of years.  After competing in the annual National Pizza Show in Las Vegas, Ferriman won an award for his pizza, and a nomination for the following international championship that took place in 2014.  As a representative for the United States, Ferriman’s self-invented crust won the award for Best Unique Product, and he began exploring how to turn his concept into a brand and product.  

As time progressed, the concept gained solidity, and Oath was eventually able to open its first location in Nantucket in May 2015. Although the Nantucket location is seasonal (it will reopen this coming May for the summer), its success allowed Oath to expand into the Boston area, first in South Station, and now in Chestnut Hill.

Each location showcases the Oath menu of artisanal pizzas, which ranges from more traditional selections, such as the tomato and mozzarella-based “Bella,” to more adventurous flavors like the “Spicy Mother-Clucker,” which features Sriracha chicken, rose-pickled onion, and Oath special sauce, and the “Luau,” which includes Maui BBQ pulled pork and pineapple atop mozzarella and scallions. The menu also includes “The Selfie,” which is a make-it-yourself pizza that permits customers to create whatever pizza they desire. Craft sodas and dessert pizzas, like the “Triple Chocolate Cookie” pizza are also available.  

Oath’s unique crust, along with its delicate flavors and carefully selected ingredients, set Oath apart from the area’s recent crop of fast-pizza businesses. Ferriman developed this innovative crust over the years while working with oven companies to develop the technology needed to cook pizzas in 90 seconds.


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“[The crust is made through] a unique process that no one else does,” Rick Wolf, President and COO of Oath Craft Pizza, said. “When you look at and taste the crust, you can see that one side it’s grilled and on the other side it’s an infusion of olive oil, so it gives a whole different flavor profile, a whole different texture.  When you bite into the crust, most people find that it’s light, it’s crunchy, it’s got that unique flavor profile,” he said. “You know how many times you get pizza and it flops? Well this one doesn’t flop. [That’s] one of the unique parts about the crust, but it’s really about the flavor profile.”

Oath’s quick success is not only due to its careful attention to quality flavors and efficient production, but also to the founders’ commitment to fostering a close-knit community around their store and emerging brand.

Wolf notes that Oath values engagement and hospitality just as much as creating excellent pizza. Staff members are chosen not only for their past experience working in a restaurant and their ability to cook a pizza, but also for their superior people skills and driven personality, according to Wolf.

Given its recent success, the coming months will hold exponential growth for the Oath brand.  With a goal of expanding to eight restaurants in the Boston area, Oath looks to continue growing while maintaining a commitment to each community that it become a part of.

“I think that’s a big thing we’re looking at, not only growing the company, but more importantly, how do we create careers and opportunities for people [while] being involved in the communities?” Wolf said.  “How do we give back to the communities we live in, because every community is a little different, Chestnut Hill is different from Davis Square, so how can we get involved in those communities and make a difference?”

Featured Image by Oath Craft Pizza

March 30, 2016

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