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BC’s Music Guild Enraptures Faneuil Hall with Break the Bubble 2

It’s a compelling sight to see one’s heroes or inspirations all gathered in one scene. When the Justice League unites in comics, or Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson meet up in Springfield, there’s a certain ecstatic sensation that comes along with seeing individuals, famous for their own talents, come together for one moment. At a more local level, a gathering like this can still be incredible. Take a look at the second annual Break the Bubble, hosted by the Music Guild at Faneuil Hall this Saturday, and you’ll see a stunning array of Boston College musicians huddled together in the frigid shadow of Quincy Market, uniting for the afternoon to show BC students, Bostonians, and tourists alike just what the BC music world consists of.

Sure, many of the Music Guild’s members can be seen together quite a bit. The biweekly open-mic nights, Battle of the Bands, and Winter Concert call BC’s musicians together for a couple hours every so often to show students and faculty what they’ve been cooking up throughout the semester, but Break the Bubble is much more of a spectacle than any of these other events could hope to be. A few of BC’s most prominent musicians and bands were present Saturday afternoon—Will Bolton, Juice—but the overwhelming majority of the concert was made up of BC’s Music Guild, who came to leave their mark on a sunny, blustery afternoon in the heart of Boston.

Sporting an epic lineup, Break the Bubble took up the entirety of the afternoon. Soloists, duos, and bands took to the improvised stage, flanked on all sides by the mélange of BC students and Faneuil Hall-goers who sat awaiting their friend’s performance or stood by, waiting to see what all the brouhaha festering in front of Faneuil Hall was about. Whether it was a sexy saxophone solo or melodious harmony that drew in the casual passerby, many halted in their paths to see what BC musicians had in store for the crowd that gathered and grew throughout the afternoon.


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Among the multitude of impressive performances, there were a few standout moments worthy of special praise. Chris Dalla Riva, MCAS ’17, served up a masterful rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” alongside Dalla Riva’s original classic, “Somewhere Under the Rainbow.” Wynnm Murphy, MCAS ’18, cracking jokes in between songs, silenced the crowd with her soulful rendition of Priscilla Ahn’s “Dream.” Equipped with her kick-drum suitcase and sleek acoustic guitar, Murphy drew in a crowd that, though its individuals came and went, held throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Fending off the chilling wind with an unfathomable cover of Kanye West’s “Bound 2,” the Kelleher Sisters and Music Guild president Sean Seaver, MCAS ’16, joined forces in a remarkable manner. Though the Kelleher Sisters and Seaver’s cover lacked the mesmerizing instrumental found in “Bound 2,” the back-up vocals from the Kellehers made it one of the most memorable numbers of the day, leaving listeners’ heads bobbing minutes after it was over.

Of course, a Music Guild concert wouldn’t be complete without BC’s latest sensation, Funky Giant. Fashioning an exquisite cover of War’s “Low Rider” next to its own groovy creations, Funky Giant had all the spectators tapping their feet. While it may have just appeared on the BC music scene’s radar this year, Funky Giant is quickly winning itself fans by the multitudes. With a serendipitous bass, wacky guitar riffs, and a solid drum beat to ground the whole experience, Funky Giant could see its already-multiplying fan base continue to expand exponentially over the next few years.

This selection of performances only begins to scratch the surface of the riveting acts that Break the Bubble provided fans and listeners yesterday at Faneuil Hall. Everything from Tucker Davey, MCAS ’16, and Seaver’s cover of The Beatles’ “With a Little Help from My Friends,” to Kamaui Burton, MCAS ’17, Katharine Callahan, MCAS ’17, Isaiah Rawlinson, MCAS ’18, and Peyton Spencer’s, MCAS ’18, take on Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody, and Anthony Trasatti’s, CSOM ’18, stupefying saxophone playing awed the crowd.

Break the Bubble 2 didn’t gather some of the world’s most famous superheroes or television or movie figures, but it did bring together an eclectic assortment of most of the finest musical acts that the Music Guild has to offer. It provided these musicians with a unique setting to give both initiated fans and newcomers a taste of the work that they have crafted over the last few years and the talent that they possess. Though for most of the afternoon, Break the Bubble was shrouded in the shadow of Quincy Market, it gave fans and listeners the music they wanted and needed to endure a frosty Saturday afternoon.

Correction: An earlier version of this article listed Katharine Callahan as a solo performer. Her fellow group members have been added.

Featured Image by Julia Hopkins / Heights Editor

April 17, 2016

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