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Triumph in Corcoran Commons: Printers to be Installed in June

Printers will be installed on the second floor of Corcoran Commons in June, according to Thomas Napoli, Undergraduate Government of Boston College president and MCAS ’16, and Olivia Hussey, UGBC executive vice president and MCAS ’17.

UGBC has been working with IT Services to get the printers installed in Corcoran Commons.

Matt Hugo, a UGBC senator and MCAS ’16, and the Campus Improvement committee drafted a proposal for additional printers around campus in the spring of 2015, but it was received with negative feedback by ITS and the administration for financial and logistical reasons.

The University responded to the request by adding printers to O’Neill Library, said Joey Dorion, a UGBC senator and MCAS ’17. But when students continued to complain on UGBC’s suggestion Web site, Campus Voice, the Student Assembly realized that a different course of action needed to be taken. When Napoli and Hussey were elected as president and vice president last spring, they chose to address the issue.

“By no means was it just us who ended up doing that,” Hussey said. “That is the result of a long line of UGBC-ers coming in and saying students really want it.”

The printers, which Hussey said have been part of UGBC presidential platforms for the past decade, were purchased earlier this semester. Because of logistical holdups—electrical outlets, wireless Internet routers, bureaucratic holdups, and zoning laws—the installation date has been repeatedly pushed back.

Hussey said that all parties involved in the planning process have given final approval for the installation.

“We were really committed to actually making it happen,” she said. “This is not just another campaign promise to get people excited. This is something that could actually make a major difference in the daily lives of students.”

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May 1, 2016

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