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Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, and Jacob Sartorius This Week in Singles

Imagine Dragons, “Not Today”



Featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming drama Me Over You, “Not Today” finally proves what Imagine Dragons can do when the theatrics are stripped away. Trading its usual bombastic drums and airy vocals for an acoustic guitar and a warm string section, the band delivers a powerfully mature song suited perfectly for a movie soundtrack.



Rihanna and Calvin Harris, “This Is What You Came For” 



This run-of-the-mill dance track is truly a waste of Rihanna’s talent. It isn’t ostensibly bad as a song, but it just doesn’t pack the punch that we’ve all grown to expect from Rihanna, especially in the wake of ANTI. It’s not unique, it’s not particularly interesting, and Rihanna’s presence could frankly be replaced with any other female vocalist without anyone noticing.



 Jacob Sartorius, “Sweatshirt”



Yes, this is real. Jacob Sartorius, famous for being 13, existing, and having access to social media, has now made the logical leap into music. When you listen to this song, which is a wholly uncomfortable experience, your tears of laughter over the fact that it’s about lending his girlfriend a sweatshirt will soon turn to tears of deep sorrow, as you begin to realize that this middle-schooler has likely achieved more success than you ever will.

Featured Image By Interscope Records

May 4, 2016