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While Modstock Turns to Mudstock in Rain, T-Pain Dazzles Persistent Attendees

Never question the willingness of a Boston College student to go out on a Thursday afternoon. Perhaps it’s a testament to the ever-enduring party spirit of BC students that Modstock 2016: Beach Party ft. T-Pain carried on through a maelstrom of rain, wind, and sand. Though the weather may not have been ideal, Modstock 2016 lived up to its reputation of being the best way to end a long nine months of schoolwork, midterms, and extra-curriculars.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB), in charge of all things Modstock, began ticket distribution on April 29 and sold out only a few minutes into its giveaway the next day. This method of administration came as a breath of fresh air for BC students, many of whom still had a bad taste in their mouths after losing out on the short supply of Plexapalooza tickets.

Though he has arguably not been the most relevant performer over the past five years, the days leading up to T-Pain’s performance were, surprisingly, more drama-filled than usual—rumors had arisen that he may cancel his show. Much to the joy of hip-hop fans across campus, T-Pain did not live up to his reputation, finally walking on stage slightly after 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

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One always has to wonder what the headlining performer must think once they step out in front of a crowd—especially one as bizarre-looking as Thursday’s. It is not unusual for Modstock to be somewhat carefree, but 2016’s iteration of the concert took this attitude to a different level. CAB, in an admirable but ultimately messy decision, covered the Modlot in sand in an attempt to create a “Beach Party” theme. As she sometimes does, though, Mother Nature took plans into her own hands, sending in torrents of rain to turn the Modlot into a mud lot. Nothing seems to kill the spirit of BC kids, however—particularly when it comes to partying. In an act of alcohol-fueled defiance, freshmen and seniors alike donned their beach-wear, huddled close for warmth, and danced through the blistering cold and rain.

T-Pain’s performance was quite a treat. Any long-time fans were undoubtedly pleased: he played many of his biggest hits, from “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper)” to “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’).” T-Pain has an almost unnatural level of talent for producing hip-hop tracks infused with a sense of groove—though that aspect of his style did not shine through at Modstock 2016, a cursory listen-through of his entire catalog reveals his mastery of R&B. The entirety of his hour-and-a-half performance was without any real technical or musical flaw, which with the rain and wind seems a miracle.

More than anything else, it is an unquestionably happy sight to see the end of the school year go out with a hip-hop-infused bang. For the youngest Eagles, the experience is one of excitement and anticipation—with the Mods standing behind them and three more years lying ahead of them, every freshman sees the adventure that they will take part in.

Featured Image by Julia Hopkins / Heights Editor

May 7, 2016