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Health Services Relocates to 2150 Comm. Ave

Today marks the first day of operations in Boston College University Health Services’ (UHS) new home on the first floor of the recently constructed 2150 Commonwealth Ave. residence hall.

The new facility has all new and mostly digital diagnostic equipment, according to Thomas Nary, director of University Health Services. In addition, the space at 2150 Comm. Ave. is larger and can accommodate a more efficient flow of patients.

Health Services has been located in Cushing Hall for the past 30 years. Even after the building’s renovation in 2000, Nary said that the facility was still antiquated. When 2150 Comm. Ave. was built, there was ample space that fit the needs of the facility, Nary said.

The decision to move UHS was made two years ago, and the planning took about a year. The information technology (IT) department was involved with the planning as it had to transfer medical documents, records, and computers to the new facility without losing data or breaching confidentiality.

Health Services’ move to the new location was handled by an outside contractor, Nary said. The move was completed on time and without breakage of instruments, vaccines, or equipment.

“A move like this is a little more complicated than moving house furniture,” Nary said.

Moving medical equipment is often a complicated process because certain vaccines and medications have to be kept at a specific temperature and equipment is normally fragile, Nary said.

In the past, UHS’s facility lacked space when measured against comparable universities, Nary said. He hopes that the new facility will solve some of the issues with the old location.

“Students will have more timely service,” Nary said. “It will be more comfortable.”

Featured Image by Julia Hopkins / Heights Editor

June 27, 2016

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