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Frank Pole Does “Anything,” While Calvin Harris Asks “Don’t Be A Fool” in Singles This Week

Calvin Harris, “My Way”


The reputation of this song precedes itself. It’s rumored to be about the singer’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. The lyrics, “you were the one thing in my way,” oscillate throughout the song and seem to point to the relationship. Maybe the track works well as background noise or as a dance track, but the boring and repetitive aspects of it make it into be a revenge piece with no point.

Shawn Mendes, “Don’t Be a Fool” from Illuminate


In “Don’t Be a Fool,” Shawn Mendes slows it down a bit and tries to go out of his comfort zone. The singer tries to make the song distinctive with the use of his electric guitar. It falls a bit flat, however. The breakup ballad feels like something we’ve all heard before.

Frank Pole ft Greyson Chance, “Anything”


Fun, upbeat, and carefree, “Anything” has everything that’s been missing since summer ended. Beginning with a tropical-sounding solo, the song brings back memories of a less-busy time. The fast-paced track takes advantage of editing tools to make bubbly sounds with the background music and vocals.

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September 22, 2016