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Channeling Spacy’s Skill, Tom Odell’s “Here I Am” Is Haunting


Tom Odell makes a statement with his newest music video, “Here I Am.” Employing the talented and popular Kevin Spacey, the video is impressive without being overstated. Filled with heartbreaking and aching lyrics and Spacey’s haunting performance, the video brings the song to a new level.

The English singer-songwriter has inarguably made his mark in the United States. Although he isn’t a household name like Beyoncé or One Direction, he is making is way up the charts. He had a track featured in the popular movie If I Stay. The same strong piano influence that is a staple of Odell’s music rings through in “Here I Am.” The piano in his music seems to be a grounding factor to the songs. It brings an element of predictability and comfort to the struggle described in the song. Odell’s music has evolved over time, but he has managed to keep his roots with the consistency of the piano.

The singer normally performs in his own music videos and is the star of these videos. However, Odell remains visibly absent from the entire video, allowing it to revolve around Spacey’s interpretation of the music. The presence of the well-known actor may add to Odell’s popularity and make him more visible to the public.

Spacey is excellent at conveying the desperation, longing, and struggle of the song. Spacey has most recently been the star of House of Cards, but this music video role gives the actor a chance to play a character who lacks the control Frank Underwood thrives on. He gives the words depth and breadth that elevate the meaning of the track. Some actors would feel limited by the closed set, but it looks as if Spacey found it liberating. It was an interesting choice to revolve the video around a staircase and closing doors. He thrived in this environment and seemed to bring an extra element of strain into the performance. What could have easily turned into a flop performance with the wrong music and actor turned into a powerful performance.

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September 29, 2016