Years & Years Daringly Embraces the Sky in ‘Meteorite’ Music Video
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Years & Years Daringly Embraces the Sky in ‘Meteorite’ Music Video


The lead singer of the band Years & Years lights up the screen with his Swarovski-encrusted catsuit in the band’s newest music video for its song “Meteorite.” The catsuit, designed by Lara Jenson, is the main attraction of the performance. Perhaps channeling the energy of the meteorite, Olly Alexander makes a fabulous statement with the video, dazzling viewers with his dance moves and sparkling ensemble.   

This video definitely shows off the flashy, enthusiastic personality of Alexander. His dance moves, mirroring a meteorite, are out of this world. He perfectly embodied the passion and emotion of the song, while managing to let the words speak for themselves. Although the singer is usually the frontman in most of the band’s music videos, we never really see the singer go to extremes in the videos and take complete control. The video seems to be both an embodiment of the meteorite as well as a display of Alexander’s temperament.

It looks as if the singer and the background dancers embody a solar system of sorts, all dressed in white surrounding or orbiting Alexander as the meteorite. They follow Alexander’s lead, while also adding a bit of their own personalities into the portrayal. Although the moves didn’t look completely human, they were well executed and were imbued with a radiant and alluring majesty.
This video, being a little different from anything viewers have seen from the group, is both fun and refreshing. It perfectly complements the music and even adds more fervor to the lyrics than is offered only with the audio. With this video, Years & Years is taking a turn for the more daring and bold. The British electronic band has already established itself with an American audience, but this video and the music to follow suit may attract a new following that is interested in more provocative performances.

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October 5, 2016
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