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MAGIC! Starts Fresh in ‘No Regrets’ and Macklemore Grapples Vice in ‘Drug Dealer’ in Singles This Week

MAGIC!, “No Regrets”


Following its hit song, “Rude” MAGIC! has returned with  “No Regrets.” The song expresses a wish to “start over fresh” and move on from past mistakes. The mellow and acoustic sound of the song is calming and makes for an all-around lovely track that solidify these sentiments through wistful instrumentation and lyrics.

Macklemore ft. Ariana DeBoo, “Drug Dealer”


In this haunting song, Macklemore speaks out against the country’s issues with substance abuse. From a poignant list of publicized deaths from drug overdoses in recent memory, to a disturbing description of drug addiction, the song uses Macklemore’s signature emotionally charged rapping to bring a startling issue to a large audience.

Maroon 5 ft. Kendrick Lamar, “Don’t Wanna Know”


Sporting bizarre cartoon animal costumes and behaving something like irreverent versions of Pokemon Go characters, the group portrays a sequence of mundane everyday events as the singer tries to move on after a failed relationship. The jealousy-themed lyrics paired with the track’s appealing electronic beat make for an interesting song and an unconventional addition to the band’s extensive career.

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October 20, 2016