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Pharrell Williams, Kenny Chesney, and Icona Pop in Singles This Week

“Runnin’” by Pharrell Williams


Pharrell Williams will be “Runnin’” to the top of the charts with his newest single. Transporting listeners to a different time with jazzy sounds, this track is a great addition to the soundtrack of the new movie, Hidden Figures. Williams highlights his versatility within this piece and leaves listeners in suspense for what will come next.

“Rich and Miserable” by Kenny Chesney


“Rich and Miserable” has the classic country feel featured in almost all of Kenny Chesney’s songs. This track features an interesting message about how, “Enough is never enough / The American Dream is never enough.” Chesney asks listeners to notice that all of the stereotypical steps in the American Dream don’t necessarily lead to happiness.

“Brightside” by Icona Pop


Icona Pop sounds fresh and young in its latest hit. Using auto-tuning and interesting electronic music in the back track, the single is something new and provocative that will be attractive to its young audience. “Brightside” gives listeners a reason to look forward to future works from the duo.

Featured Image By Big Beat Records

October 26, 2016