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UGBC’s Dress With Respect Campaign Featured on Fox News Segment

On the “Campus Craziness” segment of Fox News this week, the Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) was featured for its “Dress with Respect” Halloween campaign.

UGBC sent out an email to the student body on Oct. 28, encouraging students to take into account what could be seen as a degrading or culturally insensitive Halloween costume.

The email gave examples of disrespectful Halloween costumes: a geisha costume, outfits that resemble aspects of Mexican culture like mustaches and sombreros, and stereotyped Native American costumes.

“When choosing your Halloween costume this year, take the time to research to avoid cultural appropriation and strengthen your cultural appreciation,” the email from UGBC said.

The email did note, however, that it is acceptable to dress as a burrito, a taco, or Chipotle.

Fox featured other universities that held similar campaigns around Halloween, including Indiana University, Bloomington, and the University of Texas at Austin.

Indiana University posted flowcharts and diagrams in residence halls to deter students from disrespectful Halloween costumes. The posters gave students visual examples distinguishing what is respectful and disrespectful.

Screenshot Courtesy of Fox News

November 2, 2016