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LTE: Faculty Members Respond to Trump Win

.To the Boston College community:

In the aftermath of a highly contentious presidential election with unprecedented levels of negativity and uncivil rhetoric, our community is unsettled. While some are pleased and optimistic about the election’s outcome, others are distressed, fearful, and apprehensive. In this time of uncertainty, it is essential that we come together as a community and work to heal the divisions that have intensified over the last few months.

Boston College’s Mission Statement closes by underscoring our community’s “deep concern for all members of its community, with a recognition of the important contribution a diverse student body, faculty and staff can offer, with a firm commitment to academic freedom.” In keeping with the spirit of this statement, we encourage students, faculty, and staff to discuss and engage with the many issues raised by this election. We must respect different viewpoints—however strongly held—and not allow our differences to devolve into intolerance, bullying, or intimidation. We must create and maintain a respectful dialogue that reflects our values of diversity and inclusion and helps us learn from one another.

As faculty at Boston College, we remain committed to diversity, inclusion, and civil discourse, and, in the words of our Mission Statement, “the pursuit of a just society.”


Heide Abelli, CSOM – Management & Organization

Allison Adair, English

Lillie R. Albert, Lynch School of Education

Treseanne Ainsworth, English

Alexis Anderson, Law School

Jim Anderson, Economics

John Anderson, English

Mary Armstrong Art, Art History and Film

Karen Arnold, Education

Lara Ayad, Art, Art History, and Film

Sarah Babb, Sociology

Karl Baden, Art, Art History and Film

Kathleen Bailey, Political Science

Betty Bagnani, Carroll School

John Baldovin, S.J. School of Theology & Ministry

Ali Banuazizi, Political Science

Jean Bartunek, Management and Organization

Christopher F Baum, Economics

Ethan Baxter, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Sarah H. Beckjord, Romance Languages and Literatures

Sharon Beckman, Law School

Lauren Bell, English

Dianne Berg, English

Pam Berger, Art, Art History and Film

Suzanne Berne, English

Caroline Bicks, English

Mary Sarah Bilder, Law School

Sheila Blair, Art, Art History and Film

Richard A. Blake, S.J., Art, Art History and Film

Jonathan Bloom, Art, Art History, and Film

Amy Boesky, English

John Boylan, Capstone & Chemistry

Cheryl Bratt, Law School

Ben Braude, History

James T. Bretzke, S.J., Theology & Ministry

Hiram Brownell, Psychology

André Brouillette, SJ, School of Theology and Ministry

Patrick H. Byrne, Philosophy

Donnah Canavan, Psychology

Francine Cardman, School of Theology and Ministry

Claude Cernuschi, Art, Art History, and Film

Elizabeth Chadwick, MCAS Honors Program

Ryan Chahrour, Economics

Mary Ann Chirba, Law School

Paul Christensen, Political Science

Paul Cichello, Economics

Judy Clair, Management & Organization

Richard J. Clifford, S.J., Theology & Ministry

Peter Clote, Biology

Alston Conley, Art, Art History and Film

Shawn Copeland, Theology

Sara Cordes, Psychology

Donald Cox, Economics

Mary Crane, English

Timothy W. Crawford, Political Science

Marla De Rosa, English

Tiziana Dearing, Social Work

Natana J. DeLong-Bas, Theology

Thomas Dodman, History

Eileen Donovan-Kranz, English

Dominic Doyle, School of Theology and Ministry

Rebecca K. Dunn, Biology

Nicole Eaton, History

John E. Ebel, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Jennifer Erickson, Political Science and International Studies

Silvana Falconi, Romance Languages and Literatures

Wen Fan, Sociology

Donald Fishman, Communication

Robin Fleming, History

Laura Foote, Management and Organization, Carroll School

Solomon Friedberg, Mathematics

Richard Gaillardetz, Theology

Kim Garcia, English

Brian J. Gareau, Sociology and International Studies

Tara Pisani Gareau, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Env. Studies Program

Jane Gionfriddo, Law School

Lisa Goodman, School of Education

Judith Gordon, Management and Organization

Elizabeth Graver, English

Paul S. Gray, Sociology

Carol Hurd Green, English, ret’d

Ani Ross Grubb, Management and Organization

Michael Grubb, Economics

Angela Kim Harkins, School of Theology and Ministry

Franklin T. Harkins, School of Theology and Ministry

Brad Harrington, Carroll School of Management

Spencer Harrison, CSOM Management and Organization

Lori Harrison-Kahan, English

Dayton Haskin, English

Penny Hauser-Cram, Lynch School

Andrea Heberlein, Psychology

Frank R. Herrmann, S.J., Law School

Sharlene Hesse-Biber, Sociology

Kristin E. Heyer, Theology

Gene Heyman, Psychology

Ingrid Michelsen Hillinger, Law

Kenneth Himes, OFM, Theology

Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM, Theology

Lindsay R. Hogan, Communication

Gail Hoffman, Classical Studies

Anne Homza, Lynch School of Education

Jeffery Howe, Art, Art History and Film

Marjorie Howes, English

Aeron Hunt, English

Peter Ireland, Economics

Penelope Ismay, History

Régine Jean-Charles, Romance Languages and Literature

Andrew Jorgenson, Sociology and Environmental Studies

Marilynn Johnson, History

Tom Kaplan-Maxfield, English

Sanford Katz, Law School (emeritus)

Daniel Kanstroom, Law

James F. Keenan, S.J., Theology

Christopher Kelly, Political Science

Melissa M. Kelley, School of Theology and Ministry

Christopher Kenaley, Biology

Kevin Kenny, History

Elizabeth Kensinger, Psychology

Lisa Kessler, Art, Art History and Film

Oh Myo Kim, Lynch School of Education

Gail Kineke, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Dan Kirschner, Biology

Suntae Kim, Management and Organization

Hideo Konishi, Economics

Marvin Kraus, Economics

Richard Lennan, School of Theology and Ministry

Stephanie C. Leone, Art, Art History, and Film

Deborah T. Levenson, History

Paul Lewis, English

Belle Liang, Lynch School of Education

Ramsay Liem, Psychology, Emeritus

Margaret Lombe, Social Work

Nancy Lowd, CSOM Management and Organization

Rafael Luciani, School of Theology and Ministry

Robin Lydenberg, English

Lynn Lyerly, History

Ray Madoff, Law

Kevin J. Mahoney, Social Work

Ursula Mangoubi, German

David W. Manzo, PULSE Program, Philosophy

Michael Martin, MCAS Honors Program

Robert Maryks, History

Marilyn Matelski, Communication

Suzanne Matson, English

Christopher R. Matthews, Theology & Ministry

Zachary A. Matus, History

Maia McAleavey, English

Marina McCoy, Philosophy

John McDargh, Theology

Julie MacEvoy, School of Education

Sean MacEvoy, Psychology

Francis M.McLaughlin, Economics, Emeritus

Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich, School of Social Work

Daniel McKaughan, Philosophy

David McMenamin, Philosophy

Judith McMorrow, Law School

Michele Meek, Art, Art History and Film

Shep Melnick, Political Science

David Miele, Lynch School of Education

Dorothy Miller, English

Karen K. Miller, History

Alan Minuskin, Law School

Yajun Mo, History

Babak Momeni, Biology

Juan S. Montes, CSOM Management and Organization

Franco Mormando, Romance Languages & Literatures

Sara Moorman, Sociology

Julie Holland Mortimer, Economics

David Mozina, Theology

Tim Muldoon, MCAS Honors Program

Matthew Mullane, Theology

Robert Murphy, Economics

Nancy Netzer, Art, Art History and Film

Kevin Newmark, Romance Languages and Literatures

Alice A. Noble, Law School

Joe Nugent, English

Clare O’Connor, Biology

George O’Har, English

Kevin Ohi, English

Claudia Olivetti, Economics

Kevin O’Neill, History

Tim van Opijnen, Biology

Prasannan Parthasarathi, History

Harold Petersen, Economics, Emeritus

Gorica Petrovich, Psychology

Nancy Pineda-Madrid, School of Theology and Ministry

Zyg Plater, Law

Christopher Polt, Classical Studies

Stephen J. Pope, Theology Department

Diana Pullin, School of Education

Lorenzo Alexander Puente, English

Jennie Purnell, Political Science

Joseph Quinn, Economics

Virginia Reinburg, History

Michael Resler, German Studies

Alan Richardson, English

Sam Richardson, Economics

Patricia Riggin, Theatre

Maureen Ritchey, Psychology

Susan Roberts, English

Brian Robinette, Theology

Alan Rogers, History

Karen Rosen, Psychology

Sarah Gwyneth Ross, History

Bonnie Rudner, English

James A. Russell, Psychology

Dana Sajdi, History

Natalia Sarkisian, Sociology

Robert Savage, History

Fabio Schiantarelli, Economics

Juliet Schor, Sociology

Sylvia Sellers-Garcia, History

Metin Sengul, Management & Organization

Kalpana R. Seshadri, English

Franziska Seraphim, History

Stephen Shane, English

Scott Slotnick, Psychology

Jim Smith, English

Noah Snyder, Earth & Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies

Andrew Sofer, English

Min Hyoung Song, English & Asian American Studies Program

Paul Spagnoli, History (emeritus)

Rachel E. Spector, Connell School of Nursing

Mark Spiegel, Law School

Richard Spinello, Management and Organization

Robert Stanton, English

Thomas Stegman, SJ, School of Theology and Ministry

Martin Summers, History

Eileen Sweeney, Philosophy

Meghan T. Sweeney, Theology and PULSE Program for Service Learning

David T. Takeuchi, Social Work

Laura Tanner, English

Samantha Teixeira, Social Work

Lad Tobin, English

Judith B. Tracy, Law School

Paul Tremblay, Law School

Mary Tripsas, Carroll School

Mary Troxell, Philosophy

Usha Tummala-Narra, School of Education

Esther Gimeno Ugalde, Romance Languages and Literatures

Utku Unver, Economics

Ernesto Valiente, School of Theology and Ministry

Holly VandeWall  Philosophy

Andrea Vicini, SJ, School of Theology and Ministry

Debra Weisberg, Art, Art History, Film

Eric Weiskott, English

Fr. James Weiss, Theology & Capstone

Peter Weiler, History (emeritus)

Catharine Wells, Law School

Celeste Wells, Communication

John B. Williamson, Sociology

Christopher Wilson, English

Ellen Winner, Psychology

Corinne Wong, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Hao Wu, Psychology

Alfred C. Yen, Law School

Liane Young, Psychology

Tieying Yu, Management & Organization

Ling Zhang, History

Brian Zimmerman, English

Lindsey O’Rourke, Political Science

Charles Baron, Law

Aileen Callahan, Art, Art History and Film

Can Erbil, Economics

Wan Sonya Tang, Romance Languages and Literatures

Robert Savage, History

Hosffman Ospino, School of Theology and Ministry

Rebekah Levine Coley, School of Education

Elizabeth Sutherland, Classical Studies 

Laurie Shepard, Romance Languages and Literatures

Mary Jo Iozzio, School of Theology & Ministry

Laura E. Hake, Biology Department

Kendra Eshleman, Classical Studies

Catherine Mooney, School of Theology and Ministry

Maria Kakavas, Classical Studies

Sean R. Martin, Carroll School of Management

Brett Ingram, Communication

Robert Daly, S.J., Theology, retired

Dacia Gentilella, English and Learning to Learn

Ellen Friedman, History, retired

Andrew Prevot, Theology

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November 12, 2016

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