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John Legend’s ‘Love Me Now’ Upholds Passion In Spite of Tragedy


John Legend’s music video for his single “Love Me Now” travels the world, exploring love in its many forms in the wake of tragedy and controversy. The sweeping, symphonic introduction transitions to the people and places focused on throughout the video. The couples shown in each location—young and old, gay and straight, multiethnic—all express their passion for each other amid their pain.

The first couple, filmed in the Domiz Refugee Camp, a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq, faces poverty, but still smile. Resistant to letting oppression win, they get married and show that their love for each other is stronger than their struggles.

Orlando sets the stage for the next couple’s story, as two men mourn those lost in the Pulse Nightclub shooting that took place this past June. Consoling one another and displaying their affection publicly, the couple embrace the challenges the LGBTQ community has faced.

In almost every shot of the next couple in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, there is massive pollution. The destitution they face is illustrated as they are filmed sleeping on a mattress in a semi-enclosed space and walking among trash. The hardship in their lives may be an obstacle, but not one that hinders their friendship and affection.

The final couple are elderly Native Americans in Standing Rock, N.D. Drawing from current events, the viewer can conclude that the man and woman featured are facing the threat of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Although this looms over their heads, they simply take a walk hand-in-hand and enjoy nature together—loving one another and their surroundings.

Each story is intermittently dispersed with clips of Legend by himself, with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and their daughter, Luna. The flashing images of love, family, and compassion from all of the scenes express a true appreciation for those that make us feel secure in the most threatening situations.

Featured Image By Columbia Records

November 16, 2016

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