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Calling for ‘Concrete Action,’ Eradicate BC Racism To Hold Walkout Thursday

Eradicate Boston College Racism will hold a walkout calling for nationwide sanctuary campuses on Thursday, despite the signing yesterday by University President Rev. William P. Leahy, S.J., of two statements supporting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The walkout, which was planned before Leahy’s actions, will be at 3 p.m. on O’Neill Plaza.

Leahy’s actions followed the release of a petition by members of Eradicate on Monday that called for the University to commit to protecting undocumented students and other marginalized groups on campus, in addition to several other recommendations made in the petition.

Eradicate’s walkout, part of a nationwide walkout planned for Thursday by Movimento Cosecha, is not registered with the University.

“The Office of the Dean of Students supports the rights of students to express their opinions and is committed to working with students on these events,” Dean of Students Thomas Mogan said in an email. “As per University policy, in order to properly plan for such events, demonstrations must be registered with our office. As of now, we have not received a request for a permit for this event. I emailed the leaders of this unrecognized group twice to express my willingness to work with them to register the event but they have not responded to my outreach.”

Eradicate released a statement via Facebook on Wednesday morning recognizing Leahy’s signing of the statements but calling for the University to turn its words into “concrete action.” The other recommendations in the petition include actions in addition to affirming support for DACA, such as offering legal, financial, and mental health resources and designating St. Joseph’s Chapel, St. Mary’s Chapel, and Trinity Chapel as sanctuary churches that could serve as physical refuges for immigrants.

“The statements signed by President Rev. Leahy, S.J. do not make Boston College a Sanctuary Campus,” Eradicate said in a statement to The Heights. “We hope to show support for our undocumented and other immigrant friends and colleagues by rallying together as well as continue to apply pressure on the administration to make concrete changes on campus to support them as well.”

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November 30, 2016

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  1. Let me guess kids… racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islam-o-phobia, bigotry, chauvinism, and white privilege are institutionalized and systemic… or maybe its systemic and institutionalized.
    Anyhow, you’re all cliches with an utterly simplistic, unoriginal view of the world.
    Put down your little hand held devices.
    Step away from Google and Zuckerberg and Kanye… and Marx.

    Read a book that’s at least two hundred pages long… without any music plugged in your ears.
    Think, ponder.
    Then read another book that contrasts philosophically with the first one.
    Do some more thinking, with the radio off, with your phone out of sight.

    Talk with people who disagree with you, and do so off-line.
    …and lay off the weed.
    You’re welcome.