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Dance Showcase Leaves Audiences Awestruck in Soaring and Gorgeous Performance

The Robsham stage was open once again, as the velvety red curtains retreated from view. As the chatter subsided and the ambient hum was hushed away, the quiet patter of feet lightly filled the air. Anticipation made way for cheers as the Dance Organization of Boston College took the stage, commencing a full and captivating evening of dance. Hitting sensual, emotional, and technically skilled beats, the Second Annual Week of Dance Showcase hammered home the abilities of BC’s dance community.

Vida de Intensa Pasión’s gave one of the night’s most sensual performances through an impeccable rapport between its members. The subtle touch between partners could be seen rippling through their bodies, often times thrusting the dance into different directions. Partners locked eyes, never faltering, even as their feet and hands executed intricate, tactile motions. VIP differentiates itself from other groups, including other Latin influenced groups, through a calculated sense of detail. Such intimate foil made for a performance that surely quickened the heartbeats of audience members.

Bringing sweet jazzy energy to the stage, Full Swing made use of a lightning-fast pace. The lifts, vaults, and spins were impressive with each successive iteration within the dance. Though hoisting another human being is usually considered an impressive feat, the guys and gals of Full Swing made it appear easy as they tossed and turned about each other’s bodies. One lift had the ladies go over the men’s shoulders and tumble adroitly off their backs in one fluid motion. Full Swing gave a jaunty and fun performance that is likely to inspire others to get on the dance floor.

Dance Ensemble gave two stunning performances with impressive levels of synchronicity and poise. Its first performance had its members in simple black outfits which brought attention to their exposed legs arms, and faces. As they twirled gracefully about the stage, the beauty of their precise movements was brought into full effect through choreographed unison. A particularly striking moment was found when, after transitioning from a leap in the air to the ground, the dancers flourished their legs upwards in elegant fashion, creating a sea of spritely limbs.

Their latter performance had them in simple red dresses dancing to “Say It” by Tory Lanez. The music was of considerable interest in this performance as the troupe intelligibly conveyed the songs message through its dance. The song became considerably more emotionally pressing as the dancers moved with the song, strengthening its effect. As the song came to a close, but a few dancers remained and fell to the floor, creating a circle with their bodies. This choice, to pull most of the ranks off stage, was a brilliant choice as it left the audience with a simple, yet refined closing image. Both performances by Dance Ensemble were enthralling. The group’s sheer numbers make its uniform movements all the more impressive—it conveys a real sense of strength within the organization.

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The Conspiracy Theory Dance Crew displayed a substantial amount of ground work and nimble movement. Employing ample amounts of classic break dancing moves, the crew amped up the crowd as its members took turns throwing down their best moves. Fit with an assortment of baggy clothing, hats, and hoodies, the crew looked the part, and their technical skills proved that they have the moves to support the look. Complete with handstands, flips, and head spins, Conspiracy Theory offered a memorable alternative to the more classic dances of the evening.

On Tap was a thorough cacophony of clicks and synchronous stamps of the feet. Harmoniously matching the beats of the song, the group created a commanding stage presence with each snap of its heels. The lighting during its performance was especially moving, as a bright light on the side of the stage projected the shadow of all the dancers on the adjacent wall. The effect, due to the dancers depth about the stage, was a beautiful collage of shadows gracefully playing out their performance in two dimensions. This quaint visual, whether intentional or not, lent to the charm and atmosphere of the entire event.

Irish Dance, clad in Beantown sports gear, gave a rousing dance to “I’m Shipping Up to Boston.”As the Dropkick Murphys’ song pounded on, the dancers adopted a harsher step. The stomping was an interesting change to the usually light-footed troupe. In their second performance, Irish Dance adopted its traditional methods and machinations. The spry footwork of the dance-method were intricate and expressive. The oft overlooked flicks of the toes and clicks of the heel make Irish step dance so illustrious and quietly stirring.

The stage was set aflame by the intense Fuego Del Corazón crew. Undulating hips and gyroscopic motions made for a fiery and flirtatious act. As its members deftly stepped to each other, the fervor for dance was found in each precise step. In every whip of the hair, shake of the shoulders, or tender touch of the face, Fuego was dripping with an indelible amount of vigor as they executed moves with a high level of precision and skill. During the performance, when three of its members danced on stage, the rest could be seen off stage, lingering, smiling, and laughing as they waited to rejoin the rest on stage. The Latin dance crew give off a sense of community visually on and off the stage.

Other groups, like Phaymus, Aerodynamik, the Golden Eagles, and Masti also performed, making the night one of many tastes, styles, and abilities.

This Dance Showcase exemplified the talents of the entirety of BC’s dance community in a way only otherwise seen during Showdown in the spring. Eclectic tastes and dedication are words to describe all that the community has to offer. In more ways than one, this night proves that Robsham will remain full for this event in the years to come, resting on the laurels of a talented student body.

As friends applauded and called out, each organization took a bow. The excitement was fresh in the jovial air of Robsham. Even as the last roses had been flung and the curtains hid the stage once more, one can be sure that the talents of BC’s vibrant dance community are always on full display

Featured Image By Zoe Zhao / Heights Staff

December 4, 2016

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  1. Caleb Griego’s masterful use of language made me feel as if I were almost there in person. I felt the rhythm and color of the performances. And most of all, I’m sorry I missed it! Congratulations to all the different dance groups — sounds like there was something for everyone.