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LTE: A Statement From the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Committee

In 1982, The Martin Luther King Jr. Committee was established at Boston College to promote across the campus, the values that would develop the truly just society of which Martin Luther King dreamed. Facing new challenges in the current political environment, we affirm our commitment to continuing Dr. King’s mission today, by supporting all members of the Boston College community who pursue equality over inequality, righteousness over self-righteousness, and non-violence over violence.

Lillie R. Albert

                Karl V. Bell

                Patricia Birch

                Dan Bunch

Joseph Burns

                Rossanna Contreras-Godfrey

                Fr. Michael Davidson, SJ

                Paulette Durrett

                Agnes Jordan

                Carolyn Jupiter-McIntosh

                Susan Michalczyk, Co-Chair

                Adrienne Nussbaum

                Sonia Chiamaka Okorie

Darrell Peterson

                Andy O. Petigny

                Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah, Co-Chair

                Mary Troxell

                Ellen Zamecnik-Bowley

January 30, 2017