Ask the Editors: What is Your Perfect First Date?

As the worldwide day of love nears, we asked our editors what their perfect first date is.

“Ice cream and mini golf.”

-Kipp Milone, Collections Manager

“Nationals game.”

-Annabel Steele, Associate Sports Editor

“We watch The West Wing for eight hours without speaking and then they leave.”

-Connor Murphy, News Editor

“He shows up with a puppy. Right off the bat, he knows what I’m about. We have a deep connection and raise the dog together, like parents.”

-Shannon Kelly, Assistant Features Editor

“Food that’s fancy but not too fancy—think Panera Bread or Shake Shack. Then, go see a movie. But, this movie has to be in a movie theater that’s near-empty so you can talk and make snide comments at it.”

-Michael Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief

“Going to a concert.”

-Kelsey McGee, Outreach Coordinator

“My ideal first date is a nice dinner out in Boston. Or a brunch, brunch is great. Also lunch works, with maybe a stop after for dessert. Bottom-line, there should be some good food to enjoy if all else goes sour.”

– Alec Greaney, A1 Editor

“Hiking and a picnic.”

-Lizzy Barrett, Assistant Photo Editor

“My ideal first date would be to any restaurant recommended by Archer.”

– Taylor St. Germain, Managing Editor

“I light a cigarette, for dramatic-imagery purposes, lean on the railing, look out at the water, hock a bloody loogie into the Atlantic Ocean, and exhale once, emphatically, through my nose. I guess there’s some woman standing a couple of yards away watching me … to make it a date.”

– Archer Parquette, Features Editor

“Ice cream and some music listening.”

-William McCarthy, Account Manager

“Long walk on the beach with candlelit dinner.”

-Mike Rosmarin, Account Manager

“High-class dining at Mac.”

-Julia Hopkins, Photo Editor

“We bike ride to the Lake Forest Park Beach, and we swing on the playground till the sun sets.”

-Abigail Paulson, Creative Director

“Watching foreign films together on a homemade projector with lots of candy.”

-Meagan Loyst, Ads Manager

“A tour of the finest carbohydrates that Boston has to offer. Or chocolate shops (or both?).”

-Madeleine D’Angelo, Metro Editor

“North End pizza because I’m basic, but then skip the line at Mike’s Pastry and go for gelato instead.”

-Miranda McDonald-Stahl, Editorial Assistant

“Escape the room.”

Chris Chilton, Account Manager

“Movie at Regal Fenway (but you have to take an Uber Pool to get there) then a burrito from Chipotle.”

-Jacob Schick, Assistant Arts Editor

“Typing competition, every time you mess up you have to try to do a handstand.”

-Max Roth, Online Manager
“Silently holding eye contact while consuming an entire container of chocolate ice cream.”

-DJ Recny, Executive Assistant

“Spend the day at the aquarium, then dinner at the North End.”

-Amelie Trieu, Associate Photo Editor

“Watching all of Breaking Bad from start to finish, with short breaks in between seasons for guacamole and chips.”

-Leo Confalone, Opinions Editor

“A night in the North End culminating in a heist involving taking (and adopting) a savannah cat. Maybe two.”

-Steven Everett, Layout Editor

“Puzzle with a movie in the background.”

Francisco Ruela, Multimedia Editor

“You have to put them in different situations, because on the first date you have to cover a little bit of everything. You gotta be looking for the red flags.”

-Caleb Griego, Arts Editor

“A short hike—not a big one that you’d be trapped on the mountain with them—and then lunch. ”

-Grace Gvodas, Assistant Copy Editor

“I don’t know, dinner and a movie.”

-Anthony Rein, Copy Editor

“Watching all of the Pixar movies at once—mostly just the Toy Story series, though.”

-Andy Backstrom, Assistant Sports Editor

“Baking brownies (or any other dessert) while the sweet sound of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth documentary series plays softly in the background.”

-Hannah McLaughlin, Social Media Director

“An afternoon visit to the Science Museum spent strolling among the exhibits and watching planetarium shows followed by the best pizza the city can offer.”

-Veronica Gordo, Associate Arts Editor

“Going stargazing together with good music.”

-Meg Dolan, Graphics Editor

“Heli-skiing in the Swiss Alps.”

-Zoe Fanning, Graphics Editor

Featured Image by Zoe Fanning / Heights Editor

February 13, 2017