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Katy Perry, Jamiroquai, and Jillionaire in Singles This Week

Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley, “Chained to the Rhythm”

Katy Perry chains herself to a strong, clapping baseline in this airy single. As the song progresses, it is apparent that the musical elements of this song are far superior to its lyrical content. The interesting guitar distortions and repetition of moans of ecstasy are wasted on this bland party song.

Jamiroquai, “Cloud 9”

As the lyrics suggest, “only a fool could walk away” from this killer track as its synthetic beats ramp up the spunk and good feelings. The English funk, acid-jazz band proves that it still has it, capturing its quintessential, euphoric sound decades down the line.

Jillionaire, “Sunrise”

Trinidadian DJ and producer, Jillionaire, released a party track sure to be added to college playlists across the world. Documenting good times, dancing, and irreverence until the early morning hours, “Sunrise” is jaunty enough in style and theme to keep partygoers raving.

Featured Image By Feel Up Records

February 16, 2017