Mura Masa Evokes Feelings of Simple Sentimentality in ‘1 Night’ Music Video
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Mura Masa Evokes Feelings of Simple Sentimentality in ‘1 Night’ Music Video

Sometimes songs with simple repetitive messages can stir up emotions in meaningful ways. Mura Masa and Charli XCX certainly uphold that idea in the wistful lyrics of their electro-pop collaboration “1 Night.” Though made as an airy party tune, its contents are fully realized in its music video. The song speaks about ideas of missing a person, even after only spending one night with them. This message is made more intimate than it already is through the video as it shows the bittersweet feelings worn on the faces of people within the video.

The visuals of the song are integrated well into the lyrical progression of the song. Opening with shots of several couples waking up, the video transitions to shots of individuals alone, looking into mirrors, bathing, or doing laundry. This change is marked by the song shifting to describe that, though they have enjoyed eachother’s company, ultimately, they must leave part. Whether walking alone outside an apartment or lighting a cigarette alone in a kitchen, the individuals harbor a sense of sadness in their eyes and on their lips. This visual directly contrasted the uppity vocal movements of Charli XCX during the chorus.

The lines “It was only one night / But I wanna go back to where we were” are repeated throughout the song and harken to the probable thoughts of longing to rekindle a connection had in a single encounter. That kind of sentiment is sure to resonate with most people in one way or another.

Though the song itself is nothing special—it speaks of forlorn love—the manifestation of the idea is powerfully realized within the visuals of the video. Given Mura Masa’s track record thus far, and if “1 Night” is any indication, his upcoming album To Fall Out of Love To might just be aptly titled.

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March 29, 2017
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