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HAIM’s “Right Now” Music Video Focuses Attention to the Band’s Raw Energy

After a nearly four year hiatus since the release of their previous album Days Are Gone, HAIM is returning this year with Something to Tell You, the three sisters’ second studio album. As a forerunner to the eventual release of the album, the trio released a new music video on April 27 for the new song “Right Now.” The video is directed by the indelible Paul Thomas Anderson, and the synthesis of beautiful camerawork and a fresh sound made for a great video.

The video takes place in the HAIM’s recording studio in North Hollywood, as the band plays through their new song. Anderson’s camerawork is truly remarkable, as he sustains interest by simply floating between the three sisters, checking in on what each is doing (singing, drumming, on guitar, etc.). Impressively, the video opens on a sustained long-take, as the first cut isn’t made until exactly 3:40 minutes into the video. The camera captures the inherent claustrophobia that comes from moving around a small studio, while also drawing attention to the sustained perfection embodied by the band’s performance in the video.

Sonically, the new song from HAIM is delightfully injected with energy. The vocals on the track are raw, yet playful, while the interplay between the sisters works remarkably well. Throughout the track, the sisters seem to be calling and responding to one another—each providing a distinct and welcome voice, creating a feeling of euphoric rhapsody. The song begins quietly, as only a lone voice is heard. As the song progresses, more guitar and heavy percussion are added to the mix, building up to an explosion of energy and emotion by the song’s end.

Featured Image by Columbia Records

May 3, 2017