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Ticket Sales to Modstock Lower Than Usual With Louis the Child as Headliner

This week, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) distributed tickets for Modstock 2017, which will be headlined by Louis the Child. There are just under 300 tickets that have not been claimed by students, which CAB does not plan to distribute.

CAB gave away a majority of its 5,000 tickets during its two-day distribution period on Friday and Saturday. It had several hundred tickets left, however, and decided to distribute them in McElroy Commons on Monday. It was able to give away all but about 300 tickets by Wednesday afternoon, according to Kelsey Golden, CAB’s director of live entertainment and CSOM ’18.

Last year, when T-Pain headlined Modstock, tickets sold out just minutes into the second day of ticket distribution.

CAB began its search for an artist for Modstock in November, when an agent provided the group a list of artists who would be available in the spring. CAB’s live entertainment team worked through the list over the course of several months and ultimately picked Louis the Child as the headliner.

“Many students are excited for Louis the Child,” Golden said in an email. “We have received numerous Facebook messages and emails from BC students who are excited and happy with our choice.”

Students on campus sounded a different tone.

“I don’t know who they are honestly,” said Madison Semarijan, MCAS ’19. “I thought they were Louis the Giant until a couple hours ago.”

Other students were surprised that Modstock wasn’t headlined by a hip-hop artist.


Louis the Child is an odd pick for Modstock, which I’ve only ever known as a rap/hip-hop concert,” said Audra Hampsch, MCAS ’17. “I don’t think they’re the most popular band for a spring show at BC, but I still think regardless of who performs, the student body will always make the day enjoyable.”


Many students were also surprised that the artist wasn’t Jason Derulo, as rumors of him as a headliner ran rampant across campus just days before the announcement.

“The issue was that there were lots of rumors floating around saying that bigger artists like Jason Derulo were the ones that CAB got, so I think people might have felt a little let down when it was Louis the Child,” said Pat McGrath, CSOM ’20.

The student responsible for starting this rumor was Will Hennessey, CSOM ’17.

The idea came to Hennessey while he was studying with a friend in O’Neill Library. They were listening to “Watcha Say,” one of Derulo’s biggest hits, when it suddenly hit them—they wanted Derulo to headline Modstock.

“We hoped that if we started the hype he would eventually come,” he said.

The rumor began when Hennessey sent a text to a few friends saying he heard Derulo would be the artist at Modstock. The rumor came back to him through other friends in about an hour.

Hennessey then decided to create a video announcing Derulo would headline Modstock and posted it on his Facebook account. He created it as a joke, but the video was good enough that some people believed it was real, he said.

“This was definitely a senior bucket list item to see if we could spread a rumor on campus.” he said.

Heights staffer Abby Druhot contributed to this report.

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May 4, 2017